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Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Compact Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head

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With Sony's VCT-R100 Lightweight Tripod, you add a creative and original twist to digital imaging. Ultra-portable and expandable, the tripod can be adjusted for the perfect height and the perfect shot. Its quick-release, 3-way pan head is easy, convenient, and ideal for steady shooting with your camcorder or digital still camera.

Technical Details

- Function:Elevator, 3way panhead function
- Material:Aluminium,ABS.POM
- Tilt Correction:90 degrees,60 degrees,360 degrees.
- Quick-release head allows you to remove your camera quickly and easily
- Lightweight design makes it perfect for travel
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Customer Buzz
 "Among The Best Portable Consumer Grade Tripods!" 2009-04-09
By Mike (San Jose, CA United States)
As a former professional Videographer and avid amateur Photographer I've worked with (and owned) the best tripods money can buy. It's a given that such equipment is a joy to use, not only from a functional standpoint but from the superb results that can be obtained. That said, most hobbyist shooters wouldn't seriously consider spending a small fortune for this type of gear even if the weight and size were practical. That's where the VCT-R100 comes in. Though it lacks the bullet-proof construction of pro models, it is amazingly light, compact (only 14" fully retracted), and plenty sturdy for the average user. Furthermore, it's 3-Way pan head is surprisingly fluid and smooth versus other tripods in it's class.

As far as possible cons go, most would be related to the fact that the maximum extension of this model is about 40 inches. That said, video shooters have little to worry about. Most modern camcorders use a flip screen (rather than a viewfinder) so angling the screen upwards easily allows you to shoot in comfort without crouching. On the other hand, photographers using cameras with a fixed (back of camera) screen will have little choice but to either sit, crouch down, or use the tripod on an elevated surface (eg; a table). In such cases, a 52" or taller model with a sturdy elevator might be a better choice (though portability will suffer as such a unit will be undoubtedly collapse to no less than 2 feet). Lastly, keep in mind that this unit is designed primarily for consumer grade equipment weighing less than 2 or 3 pounds.

As most of my video/photo work is hobby related these days, I really do appreciate the quality, portability and overall value of the VCT-R100. All things considered, I don't think you can do a whole lot better for less than $80. At $27 it's a steal!

Customer Buzz
 "Too Short!" 2009-04-07
By S. Thomas
Watch out, if your not aware already, this tripod only extends to about 39" or so. Take a ruler our if you don't believe me, but that is rather short. I exchanged it for the next model up, which extends to about 56". The reason I gave it 3 stars is because it would be a good tripod if your satisfied with that height limit.

Customer Buzz
 "A Great Lightweight TP" 2009-02-07
By R. Jones (Houston USA)
Good quality, light weight Aluminum construction. Compact and mobile. Just right for small digi cams and small camcorders. Good maneuverability and portability. But remember it only extends to about 4.5 feet max, so take this into consideration in angle of shooting. Can be placed on a table for extra height. Great finish in the Sony tradition. Only downside is that the pan and tilt levers/controls are small for a man's large hands, but they work just like they should. Bottom line is: I have to give it five stars because it meets all expectations and is exactly as represented.

Customer Buzz
 "sony vct-r100" 2008-10-06
By B. Jordan (Colorado)
Very good tripod for its size! Recommend for any small camera or vidio camera.

Customer Buzz
 "Smaller than I wanted" 2008-09-11
By Sandra A. Key (Atlanta, GA USA)
However, it has worked well with my Sony Handycam. As stated it's very lightweight and compact. I very satisfied with the product.

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