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soundgate m2 german engineered to safely secure your ipod, iphone, nano, touch, classic, garmin, cell phone, blackberry, zune, mp3, or other portable device to your dash, or console


Buy Cheap SoundGate M2 German engineered to safely secure your iPod, iPhone, Nano, Touch, Classic, Garmin, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Zune, MP3, or other portable device to your dash, or console


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The SoundGate M2 is specifically designed to provide you with a safe and secure mount for your iPod, iPhone, Touch, Nano, Classic, Garmin, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Zune or MP3 player. Using the supplied 3M mounting tape the M2 can be mounted to almost any surface including your Dash or Console. The articulating “Z� clip design allows the M2 to be adjusted into any position required to ensure the safest mount, and when not in use can then fold flat to become virtually invisible. M2 allows you to display your personal device where it is safe from accident, and the Patent Pending lock tab ensures that your device will not slip off the mount. With current safety legislation many states are requiring that the windshield remain clear of obstruction, the M2 with its articulating design and lock tab security make it ideal for mounting your Satellite Radio or Garmin GSP navigation within the limits of the law. SoundGate M2 is the perfect solution to display your digital lifestyle, in style.



Technical Details

- Fully Articulating for maximum mounting possibilitis

- Patent Penting Locking Tab for saftey

- Fold flat out of the way when not in use for clean look

- Made in Germany

- Adjustable tension to ensure stable mount for any device

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Customer Buzz


 "You have to permanently attach the mount to your phone, no thanks." 2010-05-05

By Sunny Purdin (Denton, TX)

What the descrition doesn't tell you is that you will have to permanently attach something to the device to get this to work. Aside from this, the instructions are very difficult to understand and take an hour to install.

I have returned this item. I am still looking for a mounting device.

Customer Buzz


 "Not a bad idea, but has a lot of issues" 2010-04-16

By Mahalie

This, at first, seemed like a small, simple device that would get the job done, but it has too many problems.

1. You will have to stick something to the back of your device permanently in order for it to work with this mount.

2. The mount sticks to your dashboard. Although I wiped the area properly and used enough force to get it to stick, after a week, it became loose and fell over when I attempted to mount my phone.

3. The mount will only move up and down, not left or right.

4. The instructions are only images and are very poorly displayed.

5. This is a very small mount and is actually pretty expensive for what you're getting.

To sum up, if you have a device that is difficult to mount and you're willing to perhaps tape or glue this thing down, it may be acceptable. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or some other device that has many other options, I'd avoid this one.

Customer Buzz


 "Nice" 2010-04-07

By Ian T. Bui

This is one cool mount. Very small and slim. Folds out of the way when not in use. The drawback is that you must tape an small round attachment to your device. The unit comes with only two of these. So if you later change phone or MP3 players, you may need to buy extra attachments (if they're even sold at all).

Obviously, it cannot be moved from car to car either. So that's something else to consider. Great design, nonetheless.

Customer Buzz


 "Promising but maybe a bit deceptive." 2010-04-01

By J. Nohra (Boston, MA)

I ordered this specific model from Amazon and was pretty excited to try it out.

First things first, if you are like me and are about to order this just based on reviews, then you probably don't know that in order to use this, you will need to stick a piece of plastic on the back of your iphone/ipod/device. It is not pretty and it is pretty intrusive.

The other thing I didn't like about this mount is that it is not very flexible. You can move it up and down but not left or right. In case you were planning on using your phone as a gps, you will be very disappointed.

Lastly, the directions are bad. I considered myself good at following directions, but these were on a different level. They're basically pictures that looked more like riddles than directions.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if all the other 4/5 stars given to this mount, are from people who are posting phony reviews as I can't really find any good things to say about this mount.

Customer Buzz


 "I love it" 2010-03-23

By Li Zhou (Seattle, WA)

This little gadget does what it is supposed to do and do it well.

First, I don't mind putting a tiny disk on the back of my iphone case because, 1. it is very thin and small and 2. that is one of reasons I bought this because not all car mounts can accommodate iphone with cases. (One caveat: the back of your case or cell phone has to be smooth for the disk to attach)

Second, the part on the car is also small (about 1/3 of a iphone). Once you close the cover you barely notice it.

Third, the iphone sits well in it in both vertical and horizontal positions and doesn't slide even on a bumpy road and you can use the little hex screwdriver provided to really tighten it up if you want to.

Fourth, it is much cheaper than the other car mount like Tomtom or Navigation one's

The only downside for me is it takes longer to install and I always feared the disk or the support may come off either because I didn't clean the surface good enough or the glue is not strong enough. But it turned out very well. I will come back and update my review if it falls off some day.

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Buy SoundGate M2 German engineered to safely secure your iPod, iPhone, Nano, Touch, Classic, Garmin, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Zune, MP3, or other portable device to your dash, or console Now


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