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zune 120 gb video mp3 player (red)


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Zune starts with a digital media player and adds a twist. You can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures or your homegrown tracks directly from Zune to Zune. You can listen to the full-length songs that you receive up to three times in three days, flag the ones you like and easily buy them the next time you sync up. You can discover new music in the Zune Marketplace, and show off your favorite pictures and videos on the big, bright screen. Zune has all that and a built in FM tuner, too. Let your inner DJ run wild.



Technical Details

- IMPORTANT: Allow your Zune to charge for 30 minutes then disconnect and reconnect the cable to turn on the player

- Listen to your favorite FM radio stations and click to tag the songs you like for later purchase when you sync your device with your PC

- Download millions of tracks, whole albums, or playlists with the Zune Pass subscription service

- Connect to your home wireless network and remotely sync your Zune device with your PC collection from your dock, AC adapter, or speaker dock accessory

- 120 GB capacity for up to 30,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or 375 hours of video

- 3.2-inch color LCD with 320 x 240 pixel display resolution

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Customer Buzz


 "I thought this product would be better - Frustrating!!" 2010-04-22

By J. Jacomowitz (Suffern, NY United States)

I bought my Zune in October 2009 and I'm writing this review six months later. I can honestly say, older MP3 players such as the Creative Labs Zen Xtra Jukebox is ten times BETTER than this MP3 player. Why? My Creative Lab MP3 player was bought in 2004...there was no syncing. You just transfered music files. Thise days have been gone for some time. So, I read so much about this and how the Microsoft Zune in many ways is better than the iPod, but now.....NO GOOD.

This 120GB MP3 player, in many ways, is a nice sounding device with a little of different things - games, radio, purchasing music from radio, video, photos....pretty much anything you can get in 2010. That's the good...

The bad totally outweighs the good. On a normal day, I have about 16,700 songs stored. There's a reason why I say "normal day". CONSTANTLY, this device freezes up and the only way to get it back to normal working is to unfreeze it by holding the back button and pressing the top part of the pad. Hold it for about 10 seconds and it reboots. Now you're dead. WHEN THIS THING REBOOTS, YOU LOOSE EVERYTHING!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Can this get anymore frustrating? So then, when I go home I have to load everything up again from my external drive to the could take 5 hours!!!!

Who has the time to bring these things in for servicing??? It's easier to throw the damn thing out the window and buy a different device!! And this is what I will do...Apple, here I come!!


Suffern, NY

Customer Buzz


 "My New Best Friend" 2010-04-21

By Tinkey (Midwest)

I've had my Zune exactly a year now so I think I can give this an honest review. I bought the pink Zune 8G originally for my daughter and have been responsbile for all it's content as she's only 10. I liked the idea so much I bought a black 120G for myself. Because the 8G was so limited space wise we sold hers and bought her a red 120G just like mine. They are TERRIFIC. We have a Zune Pass so we have unlimited amounts of music we can listen to and have burned all our personal CDs to put in our collection. I purchased a software program to convert our DVD collection and have them on our Zunes as well (a lot of DVDs actually come with a digital copy for this purpose). We have also purchased additional Zune TV content through their Marketplace. We take them everywhere with us and I routinely fall asleep to my "relaxation" gentle rain music every night, my daughter falls asleep to "crickets and summer nights" My husband didn't initially want one but after using mine about a month he confessed he would like one and I bought him one for our anniversary and they are inseparable now so we each have our own Zune 120G. I have about 25 podcasts loaded that I listen to routinely (video and audio) and love having my music close at hand and being able to listen to something new with my Zune Pass. Overall, it's one of the single best purchases for my family I've ever made. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Also, the Zune Marketplace is great. I downloaded ITunes just to get a comparison and Zune is WAY easier to navigate. I know Apple sells way more Ipods but Zune has my vote, hands down.

Customer Buzz


 "I love it" 2010-04-08

By drake (oregon)

Have had it for a couple months now and I love it. First and foremost is the huge hard drive which lets me place my entire music collection on the device, plus movies, pics, etc. It seamlessly integrates my personal collection (ripped CDs etc.), stuff I buy from Amazon or other sources, and stuff I get from the Zune service. The Zune service itself is pretty cool - $15 a month lets me permanently buy 10 songs per month and download unlimited songs for use as long as I keep the service. When you take out the $10 for 10 songs (pretty standard rate for downloads) basically for a $5 rental fee, I'm downloading dozens of new albums and rediscovering old favorites each month. The service also includes some analytics / heuristics on your listening patterns and has actually suggested some new music that I've ended up liking. True that some of the indie stuff I like isn't available through Zune, but I don't think it's a big deal to go buy a song or album here and there from Amazon or some other vendor. Net, it's worked flawlessly, setup easily, i can listen to anything I have from roger miller to the ring cycle, from dr dre to doc watson, or from billie holiday to hole at the push of a button, and the zune service has helped renew my excitement for new music.

Customer Buzz


 "Didn't last long" 2010-04-08

By Carlos A. Collazo (Miami, FL,, USA)

I really an not into Apple products. I've had ipods for years....I got a Zune 120 about 5 months ago and I got the "5" error just this weekend. It was working GREAT then pow...$200 bucks down the drain. O well I guess it's back to iPod :(. MS should just stick to software and not hardware.

Customer Buzz



By C. Straton

When you have a problem with your Zune, you will want to have it repaired. You will first search for a local store to have your Zune repaired at. You will go to Best Buy hoping that they can repair your Zune at their repair center but alas, they cannot. So you will go home and search the Zune website for information about getting a Zune repaired. You will pay $80 for your repair. You will ship it to Texas and wait patiently for approximately 3 wks for its return. Finally UPS will drop off your Zune. You will open the box and realize that it isn't your Zune at all but someone else's refurbished Zune. No big deal- as long as it works! But it won't work. You will plug it into your computer and it will make strange noises before displaying a msg that reads "contact support." You will go to the Zune website. It will have you try a number of troubleshooting tricks before giving you a shipping label to allow you to ship it back to them yet again. You will be unwilling to part w/ your Zune for another 3 wks so you will call tech support before boxing it up. The automated system will not recognize the word "Zune." It will transfer you to a person who will ask for all of your information before telling you that Zune has its own service line. She will transfer you. You will be on hold for 26 mins. Then a recording will say "We're sorry but we are having difficulty connecting your call," and disconnect on you. So you will send the Zune back to Texas for repair. UPS will bring you a box about 3 wks later. This time the Zune you receive will not even be the same color as the one you'd originally sent out. But whatever- so long as it works! But again, it won't work. It will connect to your computer this time and take 2 and a half hours to download your music to it. You will have it playing in your car and all of the sudden it will stop playing, make some posessed robot noises, then display "contact support." You ship it to Texas. It comes back. Guess what? The THIRD replacement they'll send you WON'T WORK. You will call support. You will wait on hold (only 12 minutes this time) and someone will actually pick up this time (lucky!). The representative will apologize and say that this time they will give you expedited shipping for your Zune's trip to Texas. She'll tell you that she's putting a note on the service request to make sure that the next one they ship to you actually works. This will strike you as odd b/c you are a strange creature who thinks that they should be checking the refurbs before sending them out regardless. You will vow that if the next Zune they send doesn't work that Microsoft will regret their mistreatment of you. But you will realize that there's no throwing punches at Microsoft. You will wait for your next junk refurb and write a nasty review of the Zune product that no one will read- hoping to put a dent in the sales of a corporation who at the end of the day will never even know you exist.

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