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Buy Cheap Gold Sound-Squared "SPORT" earphones earbuds for ipod or MP3 MP4 w/ Earphone Case - GREAT VALUE!


Buy Cheap Gold Sound-Squared "SPORT" earphones earbuds for ipod or MP3 MP4 w/ Earphone Case - GREAT VALUE!


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Technical Details

- Excellent fidelity with highly accurate, balanced sound-reproduction. Great bass!

- Crafted aluminum alloy casings are extremely durable and your enhance listening experience

- Comfortable silicone rubber and steel ear hooks are removable for added versatility

- Soft, silicone earbuds (with three sizes included) for superior fit, comfort, and noise isolation

- 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Customer Buzz


 "Outstanding Comfort" 2010-05-09

By Judy Lee (Florida)

I have tried many earbuds and have found the Gold Sound-Squared earphones to be the best-fitting and most comfortable earphone I've ever used. I have worn these earphones for a whole day and not even known they were in my ears---except for the sound, of course. Speaking of sound, they are top-notch in this area too, and like they say, what a GREAT VALUE.

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 "GREAT" 2010-04-30

By N. Hernandez (oregen)

Well I read everyones reviews and decided to get this set, I go through headphones like no other. Its hard for me to find a pair of headphones to stay in my ear when running or if I find one that loops around my ears they just flap or they just really dont work for me. So I purchased these and I do have to say they are by far the best headphones that I have ever used especially for the price. I workout a lot I run and do a lot of kickboxing and never have yet had a problem with them, the sound is great too... I know some reviews say they dont like them and there worthless but there usually is a bad egg in the bunch its just a chance your willing to take and they sure worked out great for me.

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 "good for runners" 2010-04-24

By khh

These earphones are great for running. I did have a slight problem with the pair I was sent but Earphones Plus was extremely helpful and immediately helped me solve the problem.

Customer Buzz


 "Terrific set of earbuds--a keeper" 2010-04-09

By Slimcream (Triangle, NC)

These headphones are the fifth and hopefully final set of earbuds I've purchased over the last couple of years, and by far the best. They are inexpensive, they come in a handy dandy carrying case, and while the cord is a bit long, and one needs to be a bit creative in making sure they don't become a frustrating knot, that is a minor inconvenience for their many strengths. For example,of the earbuds I've owned/tried, they are the loudest and the most durable, and they are as comfortable as any I've had. I've owned the Brookstone retractable earbuds, which were my favorite, but after three months one of the earbuds quit working. I've had that experience with other earbuds, too: often they sound great, look and feel wonderful, but then one of the earbuds starts shorting out. I only use these when exercising, or occasionally on business flights.

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 "Great Sound but" 2010-03-08

By Andre St Germain (New England)

Just as promised the sound of these earphones is very good. My major problem is my small air canals. Although this product comes with 3 sized cushioned air pieces even the smallest one is too big for a good fit.

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Buy Gold Sound-Squared "SPORT" earphones earbuds for ipod or MP3 MP4 w/ Earphone Case - GREAT VALUE! Now


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