Thursday, October 29, 2009

Opteka Remote Release Cord for Sony Alpha A900, A700, A350, A300, A200, & A100 Digital SLR Cameras

Buy Cheap Opteka Remote Release Cord for Sony Alpha A900, A700, A350, A300, A200, & A100 Digital SLR Cameras

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These new remote releases from Opteka allows the camera to be released from a distance. All electronic, just plug-in and use. Has a momentary release, as well as a locking position for time releases.

Technical Details

- Opteka Remote Release for Sony Alpha A100 and A100K SLR Digital Cameras
- Allows the camera to be released from a distance of up to 36 inches
- Half-press focuses, full press releases the shutter
- All Electronic - no batteries needed!
- Brand New, Sealed!
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Customer Buzz
 "Good for the Price" 2009-08-16
By Michael F (Salem, Oregon)
I got this for an animated music video project to be shot on a Sony A300. From some of the reports I'd read I was worried about it lasting long enough for our shoot, since time was of the essence and yet, of course, we didn't have the money to spring for a more expensive model (very, very low budget music video hehe). The connection to the camera never gave us any problems at all, it fit quite well. It seemed to be quite reliable and the triggers worked perfectly for the first couple of weeks. The unit still works, but seems to not be quite as consistent now when the trigger is slid to continuous mode, it will occasionally stall for a few moments during shots. We will probably use it for more projects, but for reliabilities sake we will probably get a different model remote if we get a better paying project. Still though, for just about $12, this item saved our a**!

Customer Buzz
 "cheap and it works!" 2009-07-18
By miss peanutbutter (San Diego, CA)
Great product, and it works with my sony a350. Love it, for the price!

Customer Buzz
 "Cheap and easy to fix when it breaks" 2009-06-20
By Aaron T.
I purchased this remote one year ago and have used it many times. It works as advertised and didn't give me any problems until about 3 months ago. The camera would still get the half press signal but wouldn't trip the shutter. A quick removal of two screws shows how the remote works and after bending one of the contacts it started working again. Even though the remote quit working it was easy to fix and is less then 1/4th the cost of the Sony model. Even if you're worried about reliability you're still better of buying a couple of these than the Sony. I'd still buy it if I had to do it over again.

Customer Buzz
 "Difficult to connect, but works" 2009-05-25
By David W. Irwin
This cord looks like a professional, molded, product. It does work, but it is difficult to connect and doesn't make a very good connection. For occasional use, it's fine. If you rely on your tripod, and use a remote cable all day, spend the extra for the OEM item.

Customer Buzz
 "Good value" 2009-03-15
By Matthew Holliday (NYC)
Quick delivery and works perfectly. I did not have any issues with the fit of the connector with my A200 and it seems to be fairly well built. At a fifth of the price of the official remote this is a great product.

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Buy Opteka Remote Release Cord for Sony Alpha A900, A700, A350, A300, A200, & A100 Digital SLR Cameras Now

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