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laptop speakers - usb, portable, compact, travel speaker for pc and mac - b-flex 2 hi-fi stereo usb speaker (black)


Buy Cheap Laptop Speakers - USB, Portable, Compact, Travel Speaker for PC and Mac - B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker (Black)


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Need better sound from your laptop? The stylish new B-Flex 2 is a compact stereo speaker on a USB flex cable for laptops and desktops. Plug and play for PC and Mac with no batteries or wires! Easy to use, great for travel, mp3's, DVD's, presentations, and gaming! Features dual 1 watt digital amps and 2 full range paper cone micro drivers for crystal clear sound. The B-Flex 2 digital circuitry even works on computers without sound cards. The patented flex design allows you to position the speaker for optimum listening enjoyment. The only product of its kind, the B-Flex has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC News, on Gizmodo, and many others. WIRED magazine says the B-Flex 2 Puts laptop speakers to shame. Makes a great gift! A White unit is also available.



Technical Details

- Plug and play for PC* and Mac. Uses only USB power, no wires or batteries!

- Easy to use. Incredibly compact and portable. Great for travel!

- Produces crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high output, full range micro drivers.

- Patent pending flexible design allows you to totally customize your listening experience by flexing the speaker into virtually any position.

- This amazing gadget was featured in the NY Times, on ABC News, in WIRED magazine, and on virtually every gadget site in the world.

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Customer Buzz


 "Simply Amazing On My HP Laptop!!" 2010-03-29

By WiccanJourney (Lee's Summit, MO)

I was very disappointed with the sound on my new HP laptop I had custom I bought this. I'm left simply amazed with the sound & wonder why I waited so long to buy it. If you want excellent sound & sound quality, then this speaker is for you. But fair warning, turn down the sound on your computer before you use it for the first time :-)

Customer Buzz


 "Great product" 2010-03-17

By Jerry V. Finrow (Seattle, Washington)

I have had this speaker for a few months and have used it while traveling many times and it works great and provides just enough sound and is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it. I use it mainly to listen to music on my computer in hotel rooms where it is perfect. It is not a substitute for something like a logitec speaker system (which I have in my home) but as a traveling speaker, it could not be better.

Customer Buzz


 "Not too bad" 2010-03-10

By James Bryan (Seattle Washington)

Product feels heavy, like it is solid, feels good, as if it is built well, not some cheap lite weight plastic...Plug it in and listen to it, not bad,,Problem i notice is sound..It sounds like when you hear it, sounds like someone is shaking a salt shaker at the same time...So, although what you do hear, is good, i dont like the additional salt shaking sound added to it..

Customer Buzz


 "Almost there, but not quite." 2010-02-28

By Freewendy

I really wanted to love this little speaker. The design is small, unintrusive, smart lookin' and very handy. The "flex" cord is firm & pose-able, which is really helpful, but the sound is not good. Distortion! Try listening to Joanna Newsom play the harp at a mid-range volume and that distortion is an insult.

First I bought the Triton usb laptop speaker (the one that looks like a white hockey puck), and i love it. Amazing sound, but the short cord was a hassle when moving my laptop from my desk to my bedside table. Ultimately, I'd fumble and drop the thing. After a year, the cord broke. I was sad, so i decided to get the b-flex because of the firm cord. If the b-flex was my only experience in external speakers, i'd probably settle. But when the music is turned up loud, it becomes very muffled and tin canny. So I'm going to return it. I might just get another Triton, or I might keep looking.

The b-flex is totally fine for increasing your volume for movies, but if you wanna rock out to music then just get the Triton external speaker.

Customer Buzz


 "Great for laptops" 2010-02-22

By P. Wolff (MO. USA)

This product is compact, easy to use and a must have if your laptop has low speaker output. I have a Lenovo laptop and the highest volume was quieter than the lowest output using this speaker system. The sound is quite good, not outstanding but I was pleasantly surprised at the volume and the quality this little pack puts out.

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Buy Laptop Speakers - USB, Portable, Compact, Travel Speaker for PC and Mac - B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker (Black) Now


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