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Sony MPK-WE Marine Pack for DSC-W290/W230/W220/W210 Cybershot Cameras

Buy Cheap Sony MPK-WE Marine Pack for DSC-W290/W230/W220/W210 Cybershot Cameras

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Take your Cyber-shot with you underwater with the Marinepack MPK-WE. Submersible down to 132 feet (40m), the Marinepack MPK-WE allows you to take great pictures and high definition videos underwater.

Technical Details

- Take amazing underwater shots up to 132 feet (40m) deep
- Compatible with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290, W230, W220 and W210
- Works with the underwater photo mode of your Cyber-shot camera
- Takes advantage of the underwater movie mode of DSC-W290 Cyber-shot camera
- Basic camera functions available while in use
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Customer Buzz
 "worked great took some awsome underwater pictures with it" 2009-10-14
By James A. Rhodes (Jefferson City, Mo. USA)
coupled it with my 12.1 meg sony cybershot and took some awsome pictures underwater on Kauai, very easy to use all controls easily acsesable underwater.

Really am glad I purchased it.

Customer Buzz
 "Works as advertised" 2009-09-13
By Racer X
I've used three different Sony Marine Pack cases with my Sony Cybershot cameras over the years. Never had one leak. This one has been down to 130 feet with no problems...just like the previous ones I've used with older Cybershot cameras. Solid product.

Customer Buzz
By Michael Finkle (Alta Loma, CA)
How many times have you wanted to take your great digital camera with you on some outdoor activity 'cause you'd really like to get some great photos, but were too afraid of getting it damaged in some way to take the risk??? THIS CASE IS ABSOLUTELY THE ANSWER to that problem if the camera you own is a Sony W290, W230, W220, or W210! This case is sort of the ultimate protection for your camera if you are an outdoors person. The only real downside is that it is rather bulky, so you sure won't be slipping your camera into your pocket if it's in this case. Also, you DO need to read the instructions carefully to make sure you understand how to properly care for and use the case with your camera. In just about every other way, I think you'll find this case is absolutely the answer to your prayers.

My family and I are a very active group. For example, every year we go on a two-week vacation to Kauai doing LOTS of outdoor activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, river and ocean kayaking, marine animal (such as whale watching) ocean boating trips, just hanging out at the beach, and this year we added "ziplining" nearly 100 feet up in the trees. Previously, we'd wind up buying those cheap one-time-use "underwater" cameras for most of these activities for fear of damaging our expensive digital camera, and the result was always the same... mostly very crummy photos. NO MORE!!! This year we did all of these activities, and more, even in tropical rain showers, and got outstanding photos because we used this new Sony Marine Pack with our W230. I was truly amazed that this case allows you to use every single control on your camera, SAFELY, even while scuba diving at a depth of 60 feet as we did (supposedly good up to 132 feet).

We paid $148 for this case just two months ago, and I see they are available for as little as about $127 through Amazon now. You might wait to see if they come down any more, but why wait... you're missing out on GREAT pictures this summer!

Customer Buzz
 "The best" 2009-08-18
Better than my expectations, i already when 110 feet deep and i still have my camera in a very dry way. The pictures are perfect on the dive mode, i know that i need an extra light but for the moment i'll stay without it, soon i'll try it in a night dive!!!

Customer Buzz
 "Decent UW Housing, terrible after sales service" 2009-08-09
By Bruce Chang On (Diego Martin, West Indies Trinidad and Tobago)
THe housing itself looks pretty solid and the built in diffuser is a nice addition. The tinted housing however impedes the flash somewhat. I guess this was done purposely for the addition of the External TTL strobe. This of course is a setback if you don't have any intention of buying the strobe. Sony should make a clear housing for the W290 Camera.

I bought this housing from Ace Photo Digital. The item reached on time and as promised. I took it on a dive and noticed the housing was fogging up a lot. I also noticed there were two little specs on the glass but that did not bother me as much as I was not seeing it showing up on the photos. The fogging however was an issue. I attempted to contact Ace Photo via their website online form as well as emailing them direct. Neither was successful. I never even got a response! I guess they already got their sale. I will never buy another product from them.

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Buy Sony MPK-WE Marine Pack for DSC-W290/W230/W220/W210 Cybershot Cameras Now

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