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Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone for DCR-PC55, DCR-DVD305, DVD 405, DVD 505, HDR-HC1, HC5, HDR-UX1, UX5, DCR-SR100 & SR200 Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone for DCR-PC55, DCR-DVD305, DVD 405, DVD 505, HDR-HC1, HC5, HDR-UX1, UX5, DCR-SR100 & SR200 Camcorders

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attaches to compatible camcorder's Active Interface Shoe * compatible with select Sony camcorders, including the DCR-PC55, DCR-PC1000, DCR-DVD203, DCR-DVD403, DCR-DVD92, DCR-HC90, and HDR-HC1 * synchronizes microphone's pick-up pattern with camcorder's zoom * no batteries required -- powered by camcorder via interface shoe * includes carry pouch *

Technical Details

- Shotgun microphone for compatible Handycam camcorders
- Synchronizes the microphone's pickup pattern with the camcorder's zoom
- Captures a super cardioid pattern in telephoto and a cardioid pattern in wide-angle
- Includes three setting positions for use in a variety of video shooting situations
- Powered by camcorder; no need for a separate battery
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Customer Buzz
 "Great Price, Fast Delivery, but disappointing sound quality" 2008-12-28
By Cybernator (Honolulu, Hawaii)
I purchased this add on mic in hopes to get a clearer, stronger, and enhanced sound quality from spokesperson doing short range demonstration videos from 6' to 15' range. In the zoom setting the sound intensity and quality was barely equal to but no better than the intergrated unit.

In gun mode, the voice from the person speaking directly toward the mic sounded slightly muted and tinny like as though speaking through a tin can. It did though minimize peripheral sounds but at the cost of dynamic quality. In summary the built in speaker in my HDR-SR11 offered a clearer, more dynamic sound than the ECM-HGZ1 under the mentioned conditions. Also must mention that the ECM-HGZ1 feels omniously delicate and vunerable to heavy handed pressure. A NON recommendation for this product, But LLC rocks, fast, reliable order processing, and highly satisfactory delivery efficiency, especially to Honolulu, Hawaii. Aloha !!!

Customer Buzz
 "Microphone Works Well" 2008-10-08
By James A. Miller
Watch Video Here: I read all the reviews and then tested the microphone on my Sony HDR-HC3. I agree with others that the gun mode is best. And there might be uses for the zoom affect, like having the sound increase in strength as one moves into a scene. But in normal mode like filming wedding vows from a distance the gun mode would be best while zoomed or not zoomed.

Customer Buzz
 "not impressed" 2008-07-26
By Andrew Major (am)
I have a Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder, which unfortunately, having an Active Interface Shoe is compatible only with a few Sony microphones, such as this one.

I made several recordings with and without the microphone and found no difference in the sound quality and amplitude.

Customer Buzz
 "Does What it's Designed for" 2008-06-03
By FrontPage (Baltimore, MD United States)
Watch Video Here: I've been using this microphone off and on with my issued Sony HD camcorder, and before that, with a Sony SD hard drive-based camcorder, for perhaps 2 years or so. Understand that the HGZ1 by no means is a $500-or-above Sennheiser shotgun microphone that picks up subtle whispers and bumble bee noises. Come now, we're talking about a $60 piece of equipment. But on a number of occasions, people have asked me whether the audio I've captured with this unit was actually captured on a lavalier microphone. If you understand how the HGZ1 works, you'll find ways of making work for you under more extreme conditions.

Remember, this unit is proprietary; until someone designs a better one, this is it, for mounting to the Sony (unless you buy a wired mic for those camcorders that have mic jacks). **Note: There IS an alternative, wireless bluetooth Sony makes, the Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone... We plan to order one to try, but read those reviews here as well** First thing that I was told (and I've also learned the hard way) is to place the mic on "GUN" setting. Don't use either of the other two, unless you really understand the limitations of those settings. Using it on "zoom" setting will make the thing adjust to what your camera's lens is zoomed to. So, if you're trying to get good audio when your subject is close, and you're using the wide adapter, your audio will still capture everything around you; it won't focus on your subject until you zoom in on them.

I rarely use the wide setting, and even when I do, I wind up returning it back to "gun." Here's some pointers, especially with noisy locations. First, keep the noise behind you. If you use the shotgun mic, it will capture all that noise WITH your subject, drowning their voice out (even when you use one of those expensive gun mics). It would be really nice (but impractical) to make an extension cable so your mic can be hand-held, but Sony would be foolish to do that - they should make a hand-held gun mic that can be taken off-camera. But I digress. One thing I like doing, since I don't like more than 5-10 seconds of someone slapped in front of my camera yakking their mouth off, is I start capturing what I want to hear, to lead in what I'm recording, and then I actually move the camera beneath the subject with the mic aimed up to their face. That way, I can use B-roll and other supporting video to capture just what that person is talking about. It worked the best when I had to shoot a stand-up scene of a battalion chief at a fire scene. Behind him were fire apparatus, with diesel engines roaring, as the fire was still being worked on. Once I had that first part of the interview, I moved the camera below him, which removed the noise of the fire trucks and actually saved the interview. Editing video of the scene just after 5 seconds of footage of the chief made the package work well.

If my microphone breaks, would I replace this? Yes, I'd ask for another one. Until or unless someone makes one better, this will do for now. I can actually grab a Sennheiser or use a better shotgun, with an audio microphone adapter on my Sony, but quite often, I use this setup to shoot "run and gun" video, things that you can't take too much time to set up, or you'll miss something. The mic attaches in an instant, and you're ready to record. And the mic swivels about 270 degrees, so you can aim it towards your subject if they're standing off to the side, or even right beside you, while you're shooting something else. Watch where you place your subject. Aim the mic towards them, so that you can set your shot up so that it makes sense, and so that if possible, your subject isn't in line between your mic and any loud noise. And grab more supporting video so that you can add that as your main visual, so your package won't depend on watching your subject for a long time.

PS: If you're out in the field, try this: conduct the interview in a vehicle with the windows closed. You will be surprised to hear how great the sound quality can be! I had just shot an interview with a cabbie, sitting in his car. My mic pointed to him, but the street traffic rolled on the other side of the car. So I opened the LCD screen and placed the whole camera on his dashboard, framing it to see him behind the wheel. The sound was incredible. Ooh, I see there's a way to add video - I might just show that difference if I can post it.

Customer Buzz
 "Performs as advertised" 2008-05-19
By teletwang (Alpharetta, GA)
Despite some of the negative reviews, I ordered this mic, based on one of the contrarian reviews that said people either didn't know how to use it, or were expecting miracles.

That review was accurate. I videotape my daughter's soccer games with a Sony DCR-HC96, and this mic is a nice complement. I use it exclusively in "Gun" mode and can make the following observations after recording 4 games:

* The sound *quality* is marginally improved. Don't expect huge improvements in fidelity .

* The *amplitude* is increased significantly. When recording from the sidelines, you can now hear the players talking to each other quite clearly, where with the built in mic, it was a strain.

So, consider the application for this mic. If you are trying to get closer to the subjects you are recording, this mic works fine. If you want to improve the fidelity of your recordings, there are probably better choices.

P.S.: This mic records in mono only.

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Buy Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone for DCR-PC55, DCR-DVD305, DVD 405, DVD 505, HDR-HC1, HC5, HDR-UX1, UX5, DCR-SR100 & SR200 Camcorders Now

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