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Sony 25DPR85RS1 DVD+R Double Layer (25-Pack Spindle)

Buy Cheap Sony 25DPR85RS1 DVD+R Double Layer (25-Pack Spindle)

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Now you can create, edit and archive home movies and digital photos while storing and accessing data from one disc. DVD-R discs capture all digital data brilliantly, and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files. Using DVD-R for one-time recording is a relatively inexpensive way to store data and prevent accidental erasure.

Technical Details

- Brilliantly capture and archive oversized digital home movies and photos with ease
- DVD-R discs are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files
- They can hold 8.5GB of information, which makes it possible to record up to 215 minutes of MPEG2 video footage with outstanding picture quality
- Ideal for HD recording
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Customer Buzz
 "sony seems to be the most reliable brand for blanks" 2009-10-11
By Jared Ning (ok usa)
when i started burning a bunch of dvds a few months ago, i noticed how unreliable they were. i would pop in a blank disc, attempt to burn, and then halfway through the verification process, it would die and spit it out, and i would have a new coaster. i don't know if it's a mac thing or a brand thing. i did some googling and found a page that listed a whole bunch of brands and how reliable they were (sorry, can't find the page again). sony was one of them. so i bought a spindle of sonys, and they seemed to work at least the majority of the time. when it came time to buy dual layer dvds, i didn't bother going for any other brand. the price was reasonable too. and so far, i've seemingly had the same success rate, which means i've had some successfully burned dvds but also a coaster or two.

Customer Buzz
 "great product, fast shipping" 2009-04-09
By Roxie (san diego, ca)
I recived my order within 3 days! In perfect condition and very fast shipping! I selected standard shipping and still recived my order in 2 or 3 days.

Customer Buzz
 "Failed on first burn" 2009-03-06
By Brian
I tried these, bought this exact pack from Bbuy and the very first disc failed on the burn. I previously used verbatim, guess I'm going back to them. I'm going to try 5 then hopefully BBuy will accept my returned product or credit for the stack of coasters.

I also had previously used Memorex DL's, which have Horrible reviews but worked fine continuously for my laptop.

-Vets 4 0Bama

Customer Buzz
 "great product for a great price. " 2009-02-22
By Dale White
Never had a issue with Sony products. have had the best of luck with them. So far all discs are have been used without a bad one. Sony definatley puts out a quality product.

Customer Buzz
 "Cheap for a Reason" 2009-01-22
By Amanda Koch (Towson, MD United States)
I went with these particular DVDs because they were the most cost effective. However, in addition to low cost they are poor quality. I've used 12 discs so far and half of them were unusable. Next time I'll pay the extra few bucks for a better brand.

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Buy Sony 25DPR85RS1 DVD+R Double Layer (25-Pack Spindle) Now

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