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Sony ACVQ1050D AC DC Adaptor/SuperQuick Charger for L-Series Batteries

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AC DC Adaptor/SuperQuick Charger for L-Series Twin Charger

Technical Details

- Adapter is designed for use with the InfoLithium L Series battery
- Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously
- LCD panel provides time remaining to complete a charge
- Includes AC power cord, car battery cord, and connecting cords
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Customer Buzz
 "Great Charger" 2009-02-03
By Michael Simpson (Leesburg VA)
This charger will work with both infoLITHIUM and non chip based bateries.

When using non infoLITHIUM bateries it does not do a Quick charge or display charge information.

Also it is indicated that it is capable of charging two batteries at the same time. I have yet to see this happen. It charges one battery then moves to the next when the first is charged.

Customer Buzz
 "versatile unit" 2008-11-11
By R. G. Bus (Bright's Grove, Ontario)
The fact you can charge two batteries is handy, although note: they charge consecutively, not simultaneously. Still nice to be able to leave overnight after a big shoot, and both batteries are charged. All the cables are included, especially the car charger is a nice addition (I just leave it in the car, so all I have to do is unplug the unit at home, throw it in my case and I can charge on the road). And if you are really in a bind, it comes with two cables for straight camera hookup, so with an outlet nearby you can record lengthy conferences and training sessions without batteries altogether. I have owned the unit for only a few weeks, but the I have found the speed of charge to be sufficient. I particularly enjoy the feature that shows the amount of time left to charge, as well as the time you will have should you choose to take the battery of the charger before it is finished charging. I can't think of anything else I would want a charger to do, so I'll have to give it 5 stars based on the few weeks using it.

Customer Buzz
 "Sequential not Simultaneous" 2007-12-04
By TV Guy (Southfield MI)
I have the previous model and this one seems to perform as well. The only confusion is that it charges sequentially not simultaneously. So, while it can charge two batteries, it charges one and then the other rather than doing both at the same time.

Customer Buzz
 "You need a separate charging solution!" 2007-02-10
By C. Thomas Stovall (Centreville, VA USA)
If you are serious about your videography, then you need to be able to charge your batteries using something other than the supplied "through the camera" method. I suppose if you purchase enough extra batteries you might not need this, but I still don't like plugging in my camera just to keep the battery charged. Even with a high end HD Sony, there was not separate way to charge the batteries, and that limits you if you do lots of video. This is one of the best and most complete charging solutions that I have seen. I highly recommend it!

Customer Buzz
 "DOES IT ALL...and FAST" 2007-01-05
By R. Crutchfield (Palm Desert, CA)
This is a MUST HAVE if you are using the Sony FX7 as I am....slots for two batteries and great digital info readout...and FAST! Also, if your cam doesn't have a direct AC plugin port...this gives you one via the "battery" slot. Nice package.

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Buy Sony ACVQ1050D AC DC Adaptor/SuperQuick Charger for L-Series Batteries Now

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