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Sony LCS-VAC Soft Carrying Case for most Sony MiniDV, DVD & HDD Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony LCS-VAC Soft Carrying Case for most Sony MiniDV, DVD & HDD Camcorders

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With the LCS-VAC Handycam carrying case from Sony you'll never have to leave anything behind. It features multiple storage compartments so you can take your Handycam camcorder and accessories like spare battery packs, Memory Stick media, and extra video tapes with you wherever you go.

Technical Details

- Soft, padded design protects your compact camera from bumps and scratches
- Included shoulder strap makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go
- Includes a built-in organizer for small accessories
- Stylish black design with the Sony logo
- Compact and extremely lightweight
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Customer Buzz
 "Sony compact carrying case for HD camcorders" 2009-10-05
By Daniel M. Jorge
I bought this case for my Sony HDR-CX12 and it does what it is suposed to do. No space wasted

Customer Buzz
 "Great Bag - Small Enough for On-The-Go Shooting" 2009-08-22
By George (Denver, Colorado USA)
This bag is the perfect solution to carry you camera around safely without having to haul a big old bag full of useless space that you don't need if you have just a Hard-Drive type camera and perhaps an extra battery. It is very well made with plenty of padding and extra little pocket and a shoulder strap. You can even fit the charger in the bottom if you need to take it around as well. It is tall enough to fit both the camera and the charger. Also the price is great as always on Amazon.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Video Camera Case" 2009-05-17
By S. Wilkins (Alabama)
No complaints. Case was exactly as described. Worked perfectly. Fast delivery. Very good quality for $15. Sony brand.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony LCS-VAC Soft Carrying Case for most Sony MiniDV, DVD & HDD Camcorders " 2009-03-03
By Robert L. Gray (San Jose, CA)
Solid bag, great fit for my Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder. Front pouch holds the Sony charger, extra battery, and remote control (if you puzzle-piece it all in just right). It is a bit cumbersome to unpack the cam for spontaneous shooting. You could leave the dual-zippered compartment open and snap the top shut, but I worry that the camera will wiggle out as I am walking. Great build and functional design; a good bag for safely transporting your cam and a few items between venues. Not the best choice for on-the-go shooting. I would recommend the holster type "LCS-SRC" for this purpose.

Customer Buzz
 "Didn't order it, and had to get Amazon to intervene for my credit" 2008-10-18
By David A. Denton
I accidently hit the wrong key when I was browsing, and the camera carrying case was ordered, and shipped without my even giving the seller my credit card information. Then I couldn't reach them on the phone to get their approval to return, nor did they answer any of my three E-mails to them on the subject. Amazon came to the rescure, tho, and gave a credit.

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Buy Sony LCS-VAC Soft Carrying Case for most Sony MiniDV, DVD & HDD Camcorders Now

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