Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sony LCHMA Aluminum Memory Stick Media Carrying Case

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Protect your Memory Stick media with this durable and stylish Sony carrying case. Its compact design is layered, allowing you to store up to eight Memory Stick media and eight Memory Stick Duo media.

Technical Details

- Holds up to 8 Memory Stick media and 8 Memry Stick Duo media
- Portable and light at 2.3 ounces
- Solid aluminum build
- Elastomer interior
- Stylish silver cover and gray inside
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Customer Buzz
 "Excellent protection from damage and loss" 2009-06-17
By R. Cong-leton (East Orange,NJ)
This case is excellent insurance from loss and damage to memory stick media, both full and duo sizes. It also keeps them handy and readily available in one place, out of harms way. Initially, I though this case was overkill, but after the loss of one stick with non-replaceable images, the idea sold itself. Now, my memory sticks are all together and safe.

Ask yourself, do you know where your memory sticks are?

Customer Buzz
 "Memory Stick Carrying Case" 2009-03-04
By Doug (Ohio)
The Sony LCHMA Aluminum Memory Stick Carrying Case is as advertised - it holds both the old and new style memory sticks; is compact; and secure. It meets my needs and I recommend it.

Customer Buzz
 "Does what it's supposed to" 2008-11-25
By H. Sole (Miami, Fl United States)
Looks good and works for Memory stick and MS Pro duo (smaller ones). Little pricey though.

Customer Buzz
 "Very impressed." 2008-05-27
By Static (United States)
With Sony's current electronics failing to live up to their once outstanding reputation, it is good to see their accessories show greater signs of resilience. I am very happy with this product. It is constructed well and has resisted scratches and blemishes despite my usual abuse. Cards fit nicely and its light-weight small size fits easily anywhere I put it. For only around twenty bucks this is a must for anyone with many memory sticks.

Customer Buzz
 "Case Could Hold Memory Cards More Securely" 2008-01-22
By J. Slatter (LA, CA USA)
Case is nicely made out of aluminum. However the recesses inside the case to hold the individual memory cards do not hold the memory cards securely. Each time I have used my case at least one of the cards was loose and floating around the inside of the case when I opened if after traveling with it. Disappointing considering you could easily be caring several $100 worth of cards...

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