Thursday, October 29, 2009

4GB touch MP3 Media player

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This jam packed unit plays videos, music, and allows you to listen to the radio! 9 Functions: MP3 Player, Video Player, Photo Viewer, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, FM Recording, Game Player, Ebook (text file) viewer, & USB Drive File Formats: Music: MP3, WMA, Wav Video: AVI (Divx/Xvid) (Conversion required) Video Resolution: 320x240 (Fits 6 movies) Photo: JPG It is NOT Ipod Touch, however it is loaded with features that Ipod touch does not have. THIS DEVICE ONLY SUPPORTS REGULAR MINI SD CARD, NOT SDHC CARD. Please note: THIS DEVICE DOES NOT SUPPORT PLAY LIST FUNCTION

Technical Details

- 2.8-Inch Color TFT Touch Screen
- 4GB built in Memory with Mini SD Card slot supports up to 2GB regular Mini SD Card
- Listen to music, Watch videoa, View pictures, Full FM tuner, Digital voice recorder, E-book Reader, Can be Used as a portable hard drive, and more!
- Great After Sales Service and Support!
- Built in Game
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Customer Buzz
 "bad" 2009-10-27
By Yeong Heo (Fresh meadows, NY United States)
Watch Video Here: watch this video before you buy it. this will make a difference for you. this product is good. however when i pressed the screen to listen to music, the screen cracked all of a sudden. they won't even give me a warranty. also this touch screen is very still. you have to press it about 5 times just to click something. so i recommend you not to buy this. and this is didn't even last long. it lasted about 3 months.

Customer Buzz
 "Well organized player. Great for kids, college students, and people who don't need something too technical" 2009-04-18
By Shane K
This unit is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend $200 on an iPod or expensive touch screen mp3 Player. This unit holds hundreds to thousands of songs, and has a sensitive touch screen. The FM readio is a plus, but you HAVE to have headphones plugged in to listen to the FM radio, because FM doesn't play through the loud speaker. I really like the silicon case as I have dropped my unit a couple of times and the case has protected any breaks or scratches. All in all, this is a great unit and very easy to use!

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Buy 4GB touch MP3 Media player Now

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