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Sony VCT-60AV Remote Control Tripod for use with Compatible Sony Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony VCT-60AV Remote Control Tripod for use with Compatible Sony Camcorders

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Remote controls in tripod handle allow for one-handed shooting, slow zoom, and more. Useful Guide Frame feature helps make sure you get the shot you want. The three-way head allows for smooth pans, tilts, and vertical shots. Extends from 19" to 57 3/4".

Technical Details

- Leg extension (4 stages)
- Slow Zoom mode maintains the slowest zoom speed
- Oil fluid head for smooth pan & tilt
- Carrying case supplied
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Customer Buzz
 "returned" 2009-10-01
By Todd Heintzman
The compatibility of this product was poorly described, therefore upon receipt I found out it was not compatible with my video camera and it was returned!

Customer Buzz
 "Sony VCT-60AV tripod" 2009-08-29
By Marsha T. Holden
Great product! Brand new! Well wrapped and boxed so that it would not get loose and banged around with shipping. Arrived fast and in time for me to take it on a trip with me to New Orleans, LA. The remote control put me in the picture too and I was very happy with that!

Customer Buzz
 "A must for sony camcorder user!" 2009-06-27
By K. woo
I bought this for videotaping my girls band concert. It worths every bit of my investment for this piece of equipment. It comes with different height and find the one the fits your usage. Have fun videotaping!!

Customer Buzz
 "Great fluid motion" 2009-06-05
By Jerome D. Gobunquin
I haven't used it as much, but the fluid motion is great. Very smooth and controllable. The setup is easy as well. Above all, I think when I do use it, I wont be disappointed.

Customer Buzz
 "Fluid, Sturdy, Excellent Tripod" 2009-04-20
By Matt J. Rose (De Pere, WI USA)
Wow I was really impressed when I took this out of the box. I started by setting up the tripod, fully extended the legs, attached the quick release plate to my Sony HDR-SR11, and plugged the remote handle into my camera.

First let me say this thing is very sturdy even on thicker carpet, its lightweight but solid and perfect for the HDR-SR11.

The remote features included are excellent and well worth the price alone:

Slow Zoom- This feature alone is worth the 70 bucks, its adds such a dramatic effect to your videos its great! Its set up very conveniently with a switch to activate/deactivate the slow zoom feature on the left side of the remote handle and a thumb controlled W/T rocker on the top of the control handle.

Guide Frame- This is also another feature not included with my camera, but added by this tripod. It actually proves to be kinda useful, especially when trying to get various people/objects in one shot. The grid drawn right on the screen (also appears in the viewfinder) is broke down into 9 sections to assist in framing and subject locations.

All in all I'm very happy with this tripod, I gotta shoot a wedding for a friend in June and this should do the trick very nicely, with a smooth fluid pan tilt, and the added features mentioned above I cant wait to see the final product.

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Buy Sony VCT-60AV Remote Control Tripod for use with Compatible Sony Camcorders Now

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