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Sony HVLIRM Battery IR Light for DCR-DVD101, 201, 301, 105, 205, 305, 405, 505, DCR-HC21, 32 42, 26, 36, 46 & 96 Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony HVLIRM Battery IR Light for DCR-DVD101, 201, 301, 105, 205, 305, 405, 505, DCR-HC21, 32 42, 26, 36, 46 & 96 Camcorders

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infrared light for shooting in total darkness * compatible with most Sony camcorders and cameras equipped with NightShot® infrared capability * recommended shooting range: approximately 10 to 65 feet * powered by either a single Sony InfoLithium M Series battery or 2 "AA" batteries * adjustable light output * mounts directly to cam's accessory shoe or with the included accessory shoe adapter bracket *

Technical Details

- Extend the range of Nightshot system from 10 feet to 100 feet
- Infrared emission for shooting in total darkness
- Adjustable light output
- Powered by 2 AA batteries or InfoLithium M series battery packs
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Customer Buzz
 "This does work good" 2009-10-07
By Cathy R. Myers
I bought this item for night parades of a group of kids that my granddaughter is in. I got it and decided to put it to the test. I took it to my basement where there is no light at all once the lights are turned off. Well, I was surprised when I looked through my view finder and it looked likeI had a flashlight on. It sure made 100% difference. It turned night into day. That was with 2 "AA" batteries and it stayed on 60 minutes with no change. I ordered the regular battery for this as I know it will be even better. if anyone says this does not work, they got a bad unit or did not use it as it is suppose to be. Also the manual is in many languages which helps. I sure would reccomend this.

Customer Buzz
 "My Review" 2009-09-12
By R. Krohn (Pennsylvania, USA)
Purchased this for paranormal investigations. Unit works as described. I got about 4 hours out of 2 AA Alkaline batteries in it. It maybe more ackward with a heavy battery pack on it and I haven't even tried one yet.

Customer Buzz
 "AWESOME!!!!! GREAT PRICE!!!!!" 2009-09-12
By C. Barrows (Florida USA)
This is a SONY product and I would recommend to anyone who is a paranormal investigator. Or anyone who likes to film in the dark!!! I love the fact you can use AA batteries or a rechargeable battery (typically it won't be the same battery as your camcorder). I love the fact I can change the amount of IR light coming out of it, there's a dial on the side. Its small enough to carry easily and it produces enough light, when using a camcorder w/night shot, to film anything w/in a 20 foot radius. Its made the difference b/t seeing & not seeing (with only using night shot) what I filmed during an investigation.

Customer Buzz
 "Nifty for shooting video in the dark" 2008-11-25
By J. Shinn

I originally ordered this light from amazon.com 3rd party seller but received cleaning fluid instead so had to purchase elsewhere. However, the light itself works very well up to 5ft and lights up to 10ft. It has a clever wide/narrow dial and conveniently uses AA batteries.

Customer Buzz
 "SOny HVLIRM External IR Light" 2008-11-09
By George Robbins (Sierra Vista, AZ)
I purchased this IR light to use my camcorder in darkness. It works pretty well. It emits a "spot" type light - similar to a flashlight - and will illuminate objects 20 - 25 feet away using my JVC GZ-MS100 in night mode or with the shutter set to 1/15 sec or slower. Much farther than 25 feet and the illumination falls off sharply. I like the two battery system of the Sony - it uses 2 AA batteries which install internally, and uses an optional external Sony battery pack that clips to ther rear of the unit. I filmed using the Sony IR light for 8 hours continuously and used only 20% of the optional external Sony battery power.

In comparrison, I also purchased a SIMA SL 20IR, and an SL 10IR. The 10IR was useless - it had 9 LEDs arranged in a 3X3 matrix, but only the center LED illuminated. Maybe the unit was deffective; I returned it. In contrast, the 20IR worked well. It has 12 LEDs in a 6X6 matrix, and they all illuminated. It produces a "flood" type pattern of light that also illuminates out to about 20 - 25 feet. In one case, I used both the Sony (as an IR spotlight) and the SIMA (as an IR floodlight) simultaneously and got great results - sort of like having your car's high and low beams on at the same time.

The Sony HVLIRM IR light is a good external light source that gives you a spotlight type IR light source. It is well built and has two battery power options - both of which can be used using the switch on the unit - slide to the "A" position to use the AA batteries, and slide to the "B" position to use the optional external Sony battery pack (that you can purchase separately). The external battery and its optional charger are not cheap, but the battery pack fits other Sony camcorders, and it provides many hours hours of run time (estimated 36+ hours) for the IR unit before it needs a charge.

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Buy Sony HVLIRM Battery IR Light for DCR-DVD101, 201, 301, 105, 205, 305, 405, 505, DCR-HC21, 32 42, 26, 36, 46 & 96 Camcorders Now

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