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Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Sony Alpha DSLR A700, A350, A300, A200, A100 SLR Digital Cameras

Buy Cheap Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Sony Alpha DSLR A700, A350, A300, A200, A100 SLR Digital Cameras

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The Opteka Remote Control Set is a 16 channel Radio Remote for operating digital cameras at distances up to 320ft (100m). The Opteka Remote Control Set consists of two parts: a receiver/trigger that connects to the camera's cable release socket, and a separate sender. The remote can have a range of up to 100m under optimal conditions, and it features a two-position switch, for focusing operation or shutter release.

Technical Details

- With the receiver connected to your camera's remote control socket
- Range up to 100m(320ft.) without obstacles
- Can activate auto focus, release shutter, activate continuous drive mode or keep the shutter open for bulb photography as well
- The shutter button can be pressed halfway or all the way.
- Number of control output channels: 16 channels available
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Customer Buzz
 "How to be sneaky." 2009-10-02
By Richard P. Papas (Chicago Il.)
I decided to get this remote after I saw my son nearly fall down a short flight of stairs to beat the 10 second timer of the camera to get into the picture. I remembered this incident after I got the camera. This wireless remote was the last thing I purchased after the A350 camera,the Sony 42 flash and a Minolta 75-300MM lens. So far I have only used it in testing to see if the remote and the flash,off the camera worked properly. Everything worked as it was intended. While pressing the remote button half way the camera went into focus mode and as I continued to press the button fully the flash fired and the camera took the picture perfectly. Its small size makes it very easy to put it in a shirt pocket. It will allow you to compose the picture while being part of the subject and possibly catch a moment of a true candid shot.

Customer Buzz
 "Seller excellent" 2009-08-12
By Bill Ravlin
Turns out the Opteka wireless didn't work with my Sony A230. 47th St. Photo turned it around. This item didn't work but I would do business with them again.

Customer Buzz
 "surprised Sony doesn't make a wireless" 2009-06-01
By Truthseeker (USA)
but their loss. This item worked as advertised. Good addition for the Sony camera. My wife isn't very tech-oriented but she hooked it up and worked fine w/o my assistance so I recommend it.

Customer Buzz
 "Great value and wireless sony was wied and 10 foot cord this goes 100feet by radio signal" 2009-03-20
By Theodore C. Kutzer Jr.
Sony Cameras are so funny .My 350 body shoud cost 2000 dollars easy.The support is excellent and the new 3.1 raw converter software is the bomb.Their accessories though are what kill them.I went out and bought all off brand stuff like this.For the same money as something with a 10 foot cord you get a wireless System that goes 100 feet.There are 2 batteries one in the reciever.If your not going to use it for a while you might want to take it out of the reciever.Big deal you need a phillips screwdriver.I forget but I think they are those stock cr2 batteries you see in the minolta bodies.The trigger has an on off button so I think your safe leaving that battery in.It has a nice cloth that you popthe battery into so you just pull on it and it pops out real easy a nice thought.Mine fit like a glove.Thanks amazon

Customer Buzz
 "Great price for the average user" 2009-03-18
By Michael Mcclain (Bowerston, OH USA)
This product is a great purchase for those who are looking for a remote but do not have a lot to spend. I have found to be very reliable.

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Buy Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Sony Alpha DSLR A700, A350, A300, A200, A100 SLR Digital Cameras Now

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