Friday, October 23, 2009

Opteka 58mm Screw-in Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood / Shade

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Opteka rubber lens hoods are primarily designed to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending and shading the end of the lens. In addition, since the end of the lens is extended you also get the added benefit of some extra protection from accidental impact.


Technical Details

- Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood
- Deflects oblique light angles that often cause flare effects
- Helps protect front of the lens scratches and dings while shooting
- Screws into the front of your existing lens.
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Customer Buzz
 "I am so happy with this item" 2009-09-13
By eum (SJ, CR)
I am very happy with this lens hood, first when i saw this, i didn't know nothing about, and i think, well i am going to try, but when i tried i changed my mind, this was a big is easy to fit, and does good job for the price.

Customer Buzz
 "Very bad!!!" 2009-09-09
By Yasmin Sagiv (usa)
I really regret taking this hood to the Canadian Rockies with me. It ruined half of my pictures because it got in the frame and you can see this black rubber in the picture but you don't always see it in the view finder.

Customer Buzz
 "NOT BAD..GOOD PRICE." 2009-08-29
By Heeju Kwak (l.a)
This is very simple product with rubber, fits good on my lenses/ filter.

Very easy to store, just push down to fold.

I am happy.

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Buy Opteka 58mm Screw-in Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood / Shade Now

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