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Sony ACC-TCH5 Camcorder Pouch (includes NP-FH50 Battery and BC-TRP Travel Charger)

Buy Cheap Sony ACC-TCH5 Camcorder Pouch (includes NP-FH50 Battery and BC-TRP Travel Charger)

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Take your power to go¿and save¿with this Sony accessory kit. You get a spare NP-FH50 InfoLITHIUM H Series rechargeable battery pack, compact Sony BC-TRP travel charger, plus a handy pouch for accessories to keep everything neat and tidy.

Technical Details

- Includes battery, travel charger and a carrying pouch
- Battery Type --- InfoLITHIUM (NP-FH50)
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Customer Buzz
 "nice and compact; case smaller than expected" 2009-09-30
By CK94
The charger is much more compact than the stand that came with the HDR-TG5V, with prongs that fold into the unit. I have not tried the battery in the camera yet, as it is charging. The manual indicates 155 min for full charge and 215 minutes for super charge (will supposedly last longer).

I was expecting a compact case that would hold the camera as well as the accessories, but this case is only big enough for the spare battery and charger.

Customer Buzz
 "A Worthwhile Addition For A Camera With 90 Min Battery Life" 2009-08-29
By Russell Kintner
I bought this to augment the battery that came with my Sony HDR-TG5V video camera. Unfortunately, Sony insists on using expensive proprietary battery designs. Fortunately, they design very good batteries. The camera runs for about 90 min on a full charge but when reviewing footage and playing with menus, it will leave you short on shooting time. A second battery is a sound decision. The mini charger frees you up from carting the docking station and charging brick + AC cord on a vacation. The battery and charger fit in a neat little pouch that takes up minimal space.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Handy Charger and Spare Battery" 2009-08-20
By Mr. G (Florida)
This charger comes very handy in place of the standard charger that came with my Sony camcorder. The charger plugs in directly to an outlet without cords. Good companion while traveling. Not quite a fast charger (about 2 hours full-charge for the battery that came with it) but will do the job. The case is cool but I only use it for storage when not traveling.

Customer Buzz
 "Handy to have - But have to pay Sony prices" 2009-08-09
By K. Krueger (Farmington, NY)
Bought this as a back-up battery and charger for my new Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD650). Convenient, easy to charge up add'l battery and nice little case. The price of Sony extras, though, is RIDICULOUS. They really know how to work it on the add-ons.

Customer Buzz
 "Compact Charger Kit" 2009-06-29
By M. Jones (Sioux City, IA USA)
I needed a spare battery and charger for the Sony HDR-TG5V. I believe this kit is for the older model, and I didn't see the kit on the Sony website.

The kit is small, light, and very packable. The batteries do take a long time to charge, not a 15 minute deal. I used the kit on a recent trip, and the battery was ready to go after I left it plugged in overnight. It has a LED that goes out when the charge is finished.

A nice compact partitioned kit of AC charger and spare battery.

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Buy Sony ACC-TCH5 Camcorder Pouch (includes NP-FH50 Battery and BC-TRP Travel Charger) Now

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