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zune premium earphones


Buy Cheap Zune Premium Earphones


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Zune Premium Earphones



Technical Details

- Premium earphones custom designed for Microsoft's Zune media player

- Noise-isolating, in-ear design helps block out unwanted background noise

- Produces high-quality sound with superior clarity and powerful bass

- Choice of 3 earpiece sizes lets you choose most comfortable fit

- Comes with small, stylish carrying case; 1-year warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Bought for iTouch, didnt keep." 2010-03-23

By B. Phillips

I actually bought these to use with an iTouch and to use inside my motorcycle helmet when I ride. They are decent head phones with pretty good sound but I didnt like the way they fit in my ears when my helmet was on so I gave them to a friend of mine who has a Zune. He liked the splitter that came with them that enables you to share a movie or a song with a friend but thought that the sound was so so compared to the ear buds that came with his Zune Media Player.

For the money you get above average sound and if you buy them just for your Zune you get the ear phone splitter. Well worth the money for a Zune owners.

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 "Regretting the purchase.." 2010-03-12

By Sarah K. Egan (Pittsburgh, PA)

I don't really have anything good to say about these (except the good price).

My complaints (thus far):

1) Sound quality is terrible.. it seems like the "treble" is cranked way up, and the "bass" is turned way down. Songs with a lot of bass in particular sound pretty awful (and this isn't something I'm particularly picky about. I haven't had problems with other headphones)

2) The cord length is very odd. It seems to get in my way when I'm working out on a treadmill (again, I have never had this issue w/headphones before).

3) The headphones have a tendency to fall out of my ears (especially when I'm working out/sweating). This got especially annoying today when the headphones would stay in my ears for maybe 10 seconds and then start sliding out.

I definitely DO NOT recommend this product.

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 "Not great" 2010-02-22

By Jason Morton (Mount Sterling, KY)

These buds sound pretty good, but they don't fit your ear, no matter which of the 3 supplied sets of rubber pieces you use. The cord is horrible and cheap feeling, and I just can't recommend these to anybody.

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 "Right ear piece did not work" 2010-02-20

By K. Bustillo (Texas)

well when i got it in the mail and connected it the right ear piece was not working so now i have to send it back :(

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 "Not improvement over stock Zune headphones" 2010-02-20


I've tried a lot of earphones and I don't like the sound in these as much as the headphones that came with the Zune HD. I saw them here on Amazon - $10 including shipping, so a good deal. However, they aren't any good for moving around. The earpiece does seal around the ear, but when moving it constantly comes out. Plus, the unit is sensitive to touch, so you hear any rubbing or even the vibration of feet when walking. Bottom line is that both my wife and I find the basic Zune headphones sound better.

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zune sync cable


Buy Cheap Zune Sync Cable


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Zune Sync Cable



Technical Details

- Handy sync/charging cable for Zune media player

- Connects Zune to computer or Zune AC adapter

- Ideal as replacement cable or second cable for traveling

- Durable, long-lasting construction; measures 4 feet long

- Backed by 1-year warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Perfect" 2010-03-20

By Aida Adams (New York, USA)

When I purchased this item I was a little skeptic due to the low price---But, when I recieved it I was amazed--it was a brand new item in it's original packaging---I would recommend this item to anyone---

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 "It's alright for the Price" 2010-03-17

By CO_User (CO)

The product doesn't seem to be as good of quality as my original zune sync cable, however it works as described and is a lot cheaper so I would probably buy it again if I had to.

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 "NewAgeDeals" 2010-03-17

By Visa (Wisconsin)

This Cable Rocks I lost my old one so i couldn't charge my Zune and when I got This No Problems Thank You New Age Deals.

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 "just what i was looking for" 2010-03-13

By Kevon J Fansler (Yokosuka, Japan)

Quite a bit longer than the normal zune cord and works just fine. No problems and recieved it within a week of ordering it.

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 "Not too Shabby!" 2010-02-07

By Kenneth Cleland

Works great. It was a little shorter of a cord than what originally came with the Zune player, which was actually a plus since I wanted one that I could put in the car, and the price could not have been beat.

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Buy Zune Sync Cable Now


zlive speaker system and docking station for zune (black)


Buy Cheap Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black)


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The ZLive NS108B speaker system makes sharing your music a snap. This system connects to all Zune players through the certified connection. You also can connect to any MP3 player, cell phone, or video game system through the line input. Control your music from across the room with the remote, and enjoy room-filling sound from the acoustically calibrated stereo speakers.

The NS108B makes sharing your music a snap. Click to enlarge.

See-though LCD clock display with white backlight.

Full-function remote control included.

Zune Docking Station

The NS108B features a certified Zune docking station. While your Zune is docked, it'll receive a charge, so when you take off, it won't be with a dead battery. Enjoy your favorite tunes through room-filling stereo speakers, and dial in the sound you like with the four preset EQ settings.


Use the 3.5-mm auxiliary input jack for external audio devices like MP3 or CD players. The auxiliary output will send your Zune's signal to an external device, and the RCA video output is great for watching Zune videos on your TV.

Digital Clock Display

Check the time with the see-though LCD with white backlight. It's a cool, modern touch to an already stylish system. Two AAA batteries can be used as power backup so you always have the right time.

Full-Function Remote

Control your docked Zune as well as the unit's volume and EQ functions from across the room with the included remote control.

What's in the Box

Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black), Zune bracket, remote control (battery included)



Technical Details

- Certified Zune docking station

- Charges your Zune while it plays

- White backlit see-through LCD display

- RCA video output for viewing videos on your TV

- Auxiliary input for use with external audio devices

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Love it!" 2010-03-19

By MI Mom (SW Mi, USA)

I was looking for a speaker system to go with my Zune and this is just perfect!!! It has great sound and can get very loud (not that I usually have it super loud but ya gotta try it out). I love the lil remote. Very sturdy and easy to use. I give it 5 stars! The only thing I would wish for in a future model would be a magnetic remote b/c that remote is so tiny it could be easily lost.

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 "best gift my husband ever bought me" 2010-03-18

By tonya lapage (carpentersville, il United States)

my husband bought me this for valentines day and i love it. the only problems i have with it is that the remote doesn't always work, and that it was cracked a little during shipping. other than that its great!

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 "My Daughter Loves it!!!!!!!!!!" 2010-03-08

By J. Erney

With all the snow we have been having she took it to work and it made the day GREAT. Easy to use anywhere and she just LOVES it so much............

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 "There are not a lot of choices for the Zune but the Zlive is a strong buy." 2010-03-03

By W. Dietrich (Las Vegas)

I love my zune and have been looking for a docking station / stero to play my music on. Needless to say that most items i find are for the IPOD with an adapter for the zune. Not so with the Zlive it comes out of the box ready for the zune to plug int. I have the 80 gb and have used the 16 HD zune and both work with ease. At times it takes two tries to get the zune into the dock but once it is in it is there to stay.

Sound is not bad for such a small package. Better than a clock radio but not going to rattle your windows. All in all I was impressed, I was expecting much worse.

Style is so -so the clock in the middle looks kind of lame but so what this is a functional music player not a piece of art.

For the price this is a great buy it does what it says it will plays your zune music with no hassle. If you are looking for boom and base go with the kicker, if you are looking for style you should have bought an ipod wich has way more choices. I am very happy with my purchase and it gets played daily.

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 "not worth your money" 2010-03-02

By C. Lalande

I can not adjust the clock fonction, it does not work, is not totally blank; the speaker are's not worth returning.

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Buy Zlive Speaker System and Docking Station for Zune (Black) Now


premium crystal clear screen protector for microsoft zune hd 16 gb / 32 gb platinum [accessory export packaging]


Buy Cheap Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB / 32 GB Platinum [Accessory Export Packaging]


Buy Low Price From Here Now

This Premium Screen Protector Comes in Accessory Export Packaging with Detailed instructions on back of packaging.



Technical Details

- Includes: Zune HD Custom Fit Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, Application Instructions.

- QUICKLY and EASILY Applies to your Zune HD.Shield and Protect your Screen from Unwanted Scratches. Heat and Water Resistant.

- Ultra Quality Coating Film. Preserves All Original Color Tones. Shield and protect your OLED screen from unwanted scratches.

- Custom Made Design to Fit Perfectly and Protect your Zune HD 16GB / 32GB Platinum.

- Screen Protector built with Superior LCD Technology to Protect your 3.3 Inch OLED Zune Screen.

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "it was alright." 2010-03-01

By Lucas O. Gosling

it worked perfectly, the instructions weren't very helpful, and i was disappointed i was only receiving one cove, i thought i was buying a package of covers. otherwise the product was great.

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 "Not for me" 2010-02-03


Couldn't get the sticky junk off from the application tab. Also couldn't get the bubbles out. I went through two of these. Ended up picking up a ZAGG protector at a local retailer...100 times better product.

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 "Easy to apply, but not that much help" 2010-01-30

By Robin Schlatter

it's nearly impossible to put the film on without bubbles, so just expect that. It also doesn't look as clean as the actual Zune screen and mine has picked up some scratches already and I've only had it on for a couple of weeks. I would recommend this if you never plan to do any kind of strenuous activity with it. If you do, I'd just opt for a case with a screen protector built in. There's a reason they send you more than one protector... It's ok, not great, but ok. Your Zune won't get scratched, but you also lose some quality.

Customer Buzz


 "Horrible" 2010-01-24

By B PIG (exeter, RI, US)

this is a horrible product that is made for one of the greatest MP3s EVER. I LOVE MY ZUNE, but this product ruined my screen. DO NOT BUY.

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 "screen protector" 2010-01-17

By Stella D'onofrio (Belleville, MI)

You need a protector and I would get the 3 pack because its easy to screw up installing this thing. It only goes on one way...

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Buy Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB / 32 GB Platinum [Accessory Export Packaging] Now


soundfly sd wma/mp3 player car fm transmitter for sd card, usb stick, mp3 players (ipod, zune)


Buy Cheap Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune)


Buy Low Price From Here Now

Soundfly SD lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so while listening to music, you can see the song and artist's name displayed on your car stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) and memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It comes with fully functional remote control. You can also transmit music from other Mp3 players such as iPod, Zune etc. Just plug USB or SD card in Sound-Fly & Enjoy music!



Technical Details

- Transmits on all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) - Memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies

- Simple plug & play - Powers on & off automatically or with button - Reads MP3 & WMA files

- USB port (reading data, not charging) & SD slot & 2.5mm stereo input - 3.5mm cable included for use with iPod, Zune, mp3 players

- Remote features: Folder shift - Fast Forward & Rewind - Repetition of defined Section- Shuffle - Bookmarking

- ID3-tag information via RDS: View song information on your compatible radio display.

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "is a good product and you can enjoy a lot music is real nice" 2010-03-20

By Oreste Cabrera (nevada usa)

is ok ,,is nice ,,the sound is so goo ,,maybe the price is so high,,but everything is ok

Customer Buzz


 "An absolute must have" 2010-03-19

By Fred A. Bowery (Kingsport, TN. USA)

I own a 2005 Tahoe, which doesnt have an iPod plug. This device allows me to use an 8GB USB drive to play tons of music. Much easier than CD's. Sound quality is very good. Not CD quality but close. Store your songs in folders with 20 songs per folder and the device easily recognizes them. I also have RDS in the Tahoe and this device interfaces with that as well. For the money this cant be beat. Much easier than trying to use an iPod transmitter. This has no wires and is easy to use. Only negative I can say is instructions are minimal. Device has many functions that are not well described in instructions.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Purchase" 2010-03-19

By Sean D. Haugh (USA)

I was a little leery of buying an mp3 transmitter, having never used one before, but that went away immediately. Extremely simple to use, it worked right out of the box, and the Soundfly even accepted my 16G SDHC card although SDHC isn't technically listed as something it supports. There is an occasional bit of crackle in the sound but that is endemic of all these types of devices. The only real complaint I could muster about the Soundfly is that if you shut off the car mid-song and then restart it, it starts the song over from the beginning. But that's a minor issue at best. Excellent product!

Customer Buzz


 "Quality Product" 2010-03-19

By N. Vega

I was impressed by the many features that came in this small product. It was worth the money I paid to be able to play not only my MP3 player, but also music from my USB drive and SD card. The sound quality is good and I haven't had any problems with finding a frequency that plays my music clearly. My only complaint is the length of the cord provided to hook up an MP3 player. It's only a few inches long and so it's a little difficult to find a spot to place my MP3 player. My lighter outlet is located in an awkward place so this may not be a problem for many users. Other than that, I love it!

Customer Buzz


 "The VERY BEST FM transmitter out there." 2010-03-15

By M. Aquino (The States)

I had given up looking for FM transmitters for my Zune. The brand one was just awful (low sound and very prone to interference). Others were more expensive and had the same problems. I thought my only other option was to get a car stereo with inputs. I bought this one based no the reviews and was quite skeptical about how it would perform.

Read the instruction manual, plugged it in, connected my Zune to it..AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

The sound quality was comparable to that of a very good and clear FM station. I have used it for a week so far in the Denver area and I have not had any problems with cross-talk for another station or any other sort of interference. You can search the entire FM frequency range and store the ones that work for you in memory, unlike other transmitters which come with 5-7 preprogrammed stations, and if they are all taken in your area you're SOL. You can also control Bass and Treble directly on the transmitter, which is another plus since the Zune seems to output a lot of this and it saves you having to change the equalizer settings each time you switch from the transmitter to the radio or CD.

My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that there is a muffled static sound if nothing is playing, or if you listen to Jazz or Classical music with silent parts this will be noticeable but not to the point of ruining your listening experience. It's not a deal-breaker for me, just would be nice if there was some way to get rid of it. Could be any number of things. I will have to test in another car.

I have not tried the SD card or USB dlash drive reader yet but for the quality I am getting for the Zune alone makes it worth the money. Since I have only had this for about a week I will update this periodically based on my experiences with other scenarios. I will be taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer so that should provide a lot more info.

Right now I am VERY impressed with it, so I do recommend getting it.

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Buy Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune) Now


premium black thick gel silicon skin for the microsoft zune hd 16, 32


Buy Cheap Premium Black Thick Gel Silicon Skin for the Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32


Buy Low Price From Here Now

This premium silicon skin will protect your device from scratches and scuffs, keep your device looking like new. This long-lasting durable thick gel skin is made with top grade silica gel, not only protects your device, but also giving it a nice soft comfortable surface. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the device is fully functional equiped with this skin. This is the perfect skin if you want high quality material combined with skilled craftmanship.



Technical Details

- Premium-grade think gel silicone skin for Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32

- Custom fit case with openings to access all buttons

- Easy-fit soft silicon skin to help prevent scratches, chips and dirt

- It molds perfectly to device's shape to highlight its beauty

- Special cool black color silicon skin to spice up your MP3 Player!

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "Ok" 2010-03-18

By Jennifer Castro (California)

I bought this product due to low cost and as a temporary case till I upgraded to a better one. Its ok for the price. It is one of those armband cases. I thought is was pretty thick but It is pretty flimsy and doesn't seem like it would protect my ZuneHD if I drop it. The two slits you part the armband in will tear easy if your not careful when you pull it out of you pocket. This case seems like it will tear easy around the sync port,headphone port and on the back. Shop around for other products before you consider this one.

Customer Buzz


 "A great decision" 2010-03-02

By Jacob D. Pusch

I am very content with this purchase. The Zune software proves to be unique with a very convenient layout and fantastic works of art. The zune hd is much more lighter than the ipod touch. It keeps up with the ipod touch in almost every aspect, with apps being the only exception. If zune would have produced this fine piece of equipment before apple released the touch, zune would no doubt have the upper hand in the mp3 market.

Customer Buzz


 "Can't go wrong with this one." 2010-02-23

By Pete (Aurora CO)

Hands down this is the best case for the Zune HD considering the price. The silicon case isn't wobbly or bulky, it fits the Zune HD perfectly. This will prevent your Zune HD from getting scratches. Mine is already all scratched up, from putting it in my pocket along with the house keys and I regret not buying this earlier. This is a definite must if you want to take care of your Zune HD.

Also Makes the 32GB look better as I like the black better as opposed to the silver color.

The only down size is that it doesn't cover the screen so you'll need to buy a screen cover, but those are inexpensive so no big deal.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Fit and protects well!" 2010-02-12

By M. Carrubba (CT)

Great fitting case and protects the Zune HD very well at a fantastic price. One piece and easy to slip on or off. All the accessory openings are the correct size and the buttons are covered for safety. I highly recommend this product.

Customer Buzz


 "Silicon Skin protection" 2010-02-06

By rocketman (Illinois)

I was looking for something to protect my Zune in the car and easy to work with while driving; and this product gaves me what I was looking for. There is no plastic cover so you must use a protective sheild with this. you can just toss it in your bag and not worry about nicks and other stuff. I also use the flip case with this product it slides right into the case and it sits on my desk at work closed; while it plays my music.The silicon ofers great protection for your Zune when not inside the flip case and it keeps it looking new. Good buy.

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Buy Premium Black Thick Gel Silicon Skin for the Microsoft Zune HD 16, 32 Now


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