Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sony AC-LS5K AC Adapter w/ AA Connecting Cord for Various Cybershot Digital Cameras

Buy Cheap Sony AC-LS5K AC Adapter w/ AA Connecting Cord for Various Cybershot Digital Cameras

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Provide your Cyber-shot digital camera with consistent power with the AC-LS5K portable AC adaptor from Sony. Perfect for long photo sessions or for transferring images, the AC-LS5K plugs easily into most common wall outlets. Its compact design makes it ideal for travel.

Technical Details

- Supplies a steady and reliable source of power
- Perfect for use while transferring images
- Compact, transportable design
- Compatible with most Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras. Exceptions: DSC W-55.
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Customer Buzz
 "Perfect for replacement or extra AC adapter" 2009-05-23
By reviewer
We lost our adaptor to our very old sony 3 mp cyber shot camera. Although we have upgraded to a better camera we still used this camera so we had to replace the adapter. Sony products tend to require sony replacement products--which makes it cost a little more. But, there were not any other alternatives that would work. Although it is not cheap, if you have lost your AC adapter, it is a great alternative to throwing away that camera.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Good Product" 2009-05-02
By Christopher A. Wynn (Weatherford, OK USA)
I use a Cybershot H3 and this works for me great, the only thing i don't like about it, and the reason i gave it four stars, is that it doesn't charge the battery. but other than that a great product and i would recommend it to anyone.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Parts Department Is Not Informed" 2009-04-03
By Sharon Skowronski (Cleveland, OH USA)
Despite a mention in the brief handbook, and despite three e-mail exchanges with the Sony Parts Department, I found that neither the Sony ACLS5 or ACLS5K AC power adaptors are compatible with the DSK-T300 CyberShot camera. In fact, I don't see any port on the camera that would accept an AC adaptor and still allow connection with a computer, which was the promoted aim of the adaptor. The Sony Parts Department people do NOT know their products!

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Adapter" 2009-02-03
By Reynaldo B. Dalmacio Jr. (Ewa Beach, HI)
Just what I ordered. Has all the parts I need to place Sony DSC-H1 on AC. Alittle bulky but will do the job. Kinda wonder if this should have come with the Camera package to begin with.

Customer Buzz
 "Perfect OEM replacement charger" 2009-01-11
By M. Howell (Lincoln, NE)
I needed to buy a replacement charger after I lost my old one in an apartment fire. This is the same exact charger that came with my camera. So don't worry about getting a sub-par grade charger. I could have saved a few bucks going with a generic brand, but cheap chargers can be a fire/personal hazard due to their cheap materials and sometimes shotty craftsmanship. Basically, you get what you pay for.

If this charger fits your Sony camera, then definitely buy it.

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Buy Sony AC-LS5K AC Adapter w/ AA Connecting Cord for Various Cybershot Digital Cameras Now

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