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Opteka DF-TFT8 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame with 128MB Built-In Memory (Black)

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The 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame from Opteka comes complete with 128MB built in memory making storing and displaying your favorite pictures easy and fun. TFT LCD Screen with the highest possible resolution, wide viewing angles and long life span. It's compatible with SD and xD flash memory cards, as well as a wide variety of other flash storage devices. High performance digital processor inside to load, display and process each picture blazing fast. Built in stereo speakers to enjoy your favorite music. Six position adjustable stand for an optimum viewing angle. Operation is very simple - just plug in a memory card and turn the Digital Photo Frame on. Or, transfer your photos directly from your computer through the USB connector. Interchangeable frame with a simple, patent pending -InchInsert and Latch-Inch step. No tools required. The Opteka Digital Picture Frame is packed with features and a low price.The 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame is compatible with the following memory card formats: Secure Digital (SD), xD Picture Card, Compact Flash (CF), MultiMedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, and Microdrive cards.Includes - Opteka 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Digital Photo Frame), User's Manual, AC Power Adapter, Remote Control, Cleaning Cloth, and 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Technical Details

- Simply insert a compatible memory card into the digital frame to show photos.
- Full 8 inch (diagonal) screen with brightness control: remote control included
- Features slide show mode and image rotation and is compatible with JPEG, JPEG Motion and AVI file
- Enhanced TFT LCD Screen with the highest possible resolution, wide viewing angles and long life span
- Displays digital pictures (JPEG) without computer.
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Customer Buzz
 "Opteka rules" 2009-06-24
By Kamel Tejeda Lulo (Dominican republic)
Excellent product, with all the features you need and want in this kind of product.

Customer Buzz
 "Nice Picture, with Limitations" 2009-01-16
By Ryan Cramer
The picture is great. I resized all of my pictures using a photoshop script so they wouldn't be too big. It is short on instructions and the interface is difficult to use, but nice looking, but after it's set up, it's a nice frame. This frame is 800x600 resolution and has decent transitions. It does not support SDHD cards (usually over 4GB). It seems to freak out for me when the image count exceeds 1600 images on an SD card, so more than 2GB of data probably wouldn't work anyways. It has good viewing angle from the sides and top, but if you're looking up at it at all, the picture goes dark. (we have it sitting on top of something about 4-5 feet high, and when we sit on the couch we can't see the image well.) I'd say you need to have a 30 degree or less viewing angle from the bottom. I don't know if this is a limitation of all digital frames.

Customer Buzz
 "Gorgeous, easy-to-use" 2009-01-12
By Sista Shopatista
I'm not technically savvy, and I was thrilled at how easy it was to load photos onto this frame and ship it off as a gift to my Mom. She opened it while on the phone with me, I had her plug it in and turn it on, and the phone went silent..."Mom? Ma, are you there?" She was weeping with joy as pictures she hadn't seen in years appeared in gorgeous clarity on the screen before her. You can load directly from your PC or to several types of inexpensive memory cards. Experiment with 5 or 6 photos first to get your orientation right. The remote is small and not completely reliable, but you shouldn't need it for much once your picture show is running. Biggest surprise: the gloss-black frame was a huge advantage over other frames that contrast with the viewing area. If most of your photos are vertical, but you slip in a few horizontal, you'll have bands of black above and below the horizontal pic (or vice versa, if most of your images are horizontal). Some frames contrast with the black stripes, making for a choppy look. On this frame, the dead space around some pics blends seamlessly into the glossy black frame, making every picture look great. We're buying 2 more for home and office!

Customer Buzz
 "Disappointment" 2009-01-11
By Edward W. Hill Jr. (Wilmington, NC)
I purchased this product for my wife for Christmas. The 128MB internal drive turned out to be a 15MB flash drive, so I was unable to load but a few pics on it. There was also 2 red pixels on the screen. This product was defective out of the box and had the wrong drive in it. I have yet to hear back from 47th Street Photo on this and it's been a week. Needless to say, I'm not happy.

Customer Buzz
 "Serves its purpose" 2009-01-07
By G. Little
Bought for inlaws...8 inch size makes for great viewing from a distance or close up. Instructions were a bit weak, but once I figured out the process and sequence, it is pretty easy to add and delete photos. Appears to hold about 50-60 photos total.

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Buy Opteka DF-TFT8 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame with 128MB Built-In Memory (Black) Now

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