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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Bronze)

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"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 camera combines style with power and intelligence. At just over 5/8” (16.3mm) thin, the T900 comes in 4 sophisticated colors and has a stylish look. With the T900 taking great pictures is now easier than ever. The iAuto mode goes beyond the traditional auto mode, thinking and working for you; recognizing scenes, lighting conditions, faces, and automatically adjusts camera settings resulting in clearer images, and faces with more natural skin tones and less blur. T900 also features HD Movie mode, recording in 720p and stereo sound for capturing your precious moments on video. Compose, review, and share your memories on the dazzling 3.5” high-resolution (921k pixels) touch-screen LCD. The DSC-T900 offers a step up in features and capabilities from the T90 with a larger and higher quality touch-screen LCD, and HDMI output with the included stand and stereo sound for movie recording.

Technical Details

- 12.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD image sensor
- 4x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; Optical SteadyShot image stabilization
- 720p high-definition movie capture with stereo sound; HDMI compatible
- Face Detection; Smile Shutter technology
- 11MB built-in memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo Media (not included)
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Customer Buzz
 "Right on the mark!" 2009-09-13
By A. Kabli
This is a truly excellent camera that fixes the minor shortcomings of its prior model (the DSC-T700, which I had also owned). Shot quality and intelligent processing are great, and the HD video recording is a welcome addition. Also very stylish and will make you look good when you pull it out at a nightclub!

Customer Buzz
 "satisfied" 2009-08-25
By S. Singh
good quality in taking photographs, only complaint is that if my hand is slightly moving/shaking when taking a picture, the photo comes out very blurry =(

Customer Buzz
 "Great video quality+very good image quality+ease of use=awesome camera!" 2009-08-21
By Gadgester (Mother Earth)
I've had my red T900 for a few weeks and here's a list of the things I love, in roughly decreasing order of importance:

- GREAT video quality. This camera shoots 720p videos at 30fps, and the quality both indoors and outdoors has far exceeded my expectations. I previously used a T100 but also use cameras from Fuji and Casio for some occasions, and the difference between the T900's 720p high-quality mode and the typical VGA fine mode on other cameras is like day and night. Not only do you get HDTV resolution, the colors are more vibrant and the clarity is just great.

- You can optically zoom the lens during video recording. This is a must-have feature for me as I mostly shoot video clips of my kids.

- Very good still picture quality. This is no digital SLR, for sure, and the image quality is probably not as excellent as Canon's and Panasonic's compact digital cameras, but it's still very good. I read some reviews before deciding on this camera and I had worries about picture quality, but they were dispelled the minute I reviewed the still images on my PC. Very good contrast and clarity, and they make great prints.

- Smile shutter. I never thought I'd buy into this feature, but now I absolutely love it! You can set the sensitivity to three levels, and you can even choose "child priority" or "adult priorit"! And it really works! This is just totally awesome for taking still shots of my kids. (Smile shutter does not work in video mode.)

- Large 3.5" touch-screen LCD. There're no conventional controls, just touch-screen, like most Sony camcorders. The LCD is 1920x480 in resolution, and the menu text looks a little jagged, but you'll love its brightness, fast speed, and clarity for viewing images.

- Fairly easy to use. Sony employs a top-level HOME menu system with sub menus, but it's not too confusing, just a tad harder to figure out the advanced stuff than on an, say, iPod touch.

- Stylish and feature-rich. This is quite thin but still features 4x optical zoom with optical stabilization. The zoom also works in movie-recording mode. It takes Memory Stick PRO Duo cards up to 16GB. Battery lasts about 150 pictures with flash. Not bad. It's light-weight so easy to carry in a pocket, too.

In short, I love this digital camera. It's perfect for all occasions.

Customer Buzz
 "Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!" 2009-07-14
By Davina Taylor (Virginia)
Get this camara!!!! It is so cool. I purchased this camara after a pool attacked my Nikon Coolpix (Ok, I dropped it in the pool). I had been thinking about getting a new camara anyways because that camara is NOT a point and shoot camara. Plus with a new baby i kept missing memory moments since that camara had a delay when it came to snapping the picture. I am so glad I got this camara. It looks so chic. When I first cut it on I was a little intimidated by all the buttons on the touch screen, but don't worry this camara does all the thinking for you. For the most part the buttons are for viewing because this camara will deciede what setting works best for the picture your taking. This camara is also wonderful for the new parents out there. There is no delay in taking pictures and there is an awesome "smile" feature that detects when a person is smiling and takes the picture for you. You will need to purchase a memory card as when I first opened it and took pictures I was only able to take 2 pictures with the camaras memory. Did I not mention that the camara plays music for you to add to each photo? (I thought this was a fun feature). For the men thinking of buying the bronze color, I bought the bronze because i wanted a classy camara and I felt this was a very classy color. Once I got it I was delightfully surprised that the bronze has a bit of a purple hugh to it. Being female I thought this made the color even better, but I could see a man possibly not liking the color. I've only had the camara for 3 days but at this point I can't think of any bad things to say about it. This is the best camara I've ever had though I do miss the WiFi feature that my Nikon had (you can email picutures directly from the camara from any WiFi area). Get this camara!

Customer Buzz
 "Excellent Camera!" 2009-06-29
By D. Spogreev (San Diego, CA USA)
After reading some bad reviews about this camera i wasn't sure if it's good enough yet... i own Sony T100 that i got couple years ago (8Mpx camera) so i wasn't sure if this camera is improved enough to replace my older Sony. After hesitation for couple of month i got it for my birthday from a friend. IF I KNEW HOW GREAT THIS CAMERA IS I WOULD BOUGHT IT LONG TIME AGO! this camera is unbelievable! My biggest issue with my older camera is that i never really used those special presets like beach/landscape/portrait/twilight/etc because it was sort of painful to go through menu and change it each time lighting conditions change, to say true for me those features in my old camera were totally useless. This camera - you just put it in auto (iSCN) mode (i put it in iSCN+ mode) and camera always takes dual shots when needed - example, i am shooting a person with a lot of back light, for example against a bright window - this camera will take two shots automatically, first shot is optimal settings as most cameras would set, then second shot with different settings - this is totally awesome because you can later pick what picture to keep and what picture looks good, most of the time i like them both!

Another great picture is smile shutter. i used to use timer on my older T100 to take pictures of me with my partner but then we had only 10 seconds to do that and after each shot i had to run back and put timer again and so on - quite annoying sometimes so i was researching cameras with remotes and found none. Guess what, you don't need one with this camera - your smile is your remote! You can just put this camera on tripod or whatever surface and just smile... this camera will take picture each time you smile, doesn't matter how many times you smile, once you select smile shutter it will keep taking all smiley pictures until you stop!!! this is absolutely fantastic feature!!! very very useful!

Another feature is that this camera automatically detects if you blinked in the camera (only works when face detected) so if you blinked it will take another shot right away automatically!

for me that was enough already, i was like a kid in a candy store but then i took it with me to a beach to test it more...

Picture quality - outstanding, brilliant colors, crisp and simply beautiful.

Video - i read a lot good reviews about the video quality but i didn't expect it to be so crispy, smooth, vibrant and image stabilization quite surprised me - really really nice job Sony! WOW. i Own Sony's new high-end HD camcorder so i like to film with perfect quality but this camera definitely can substitute my camcorder in some situations for sure.

Another fun feature - if you shot someone who doesn't like to smile this camera can make them smile, seriously once you take a picture go to edit and add a smile! crazy! ;)

anyway, if you are looking for a camera that would take really good shots and you like to press only one button (like me) then you may like this camera. I do like my pictures perfect but really cannot see myself changing settings every time i need to take a shot, i'd go crazy if i'd have to do that. I wanted a camera that will self adjust each time i take a shot, example - you are on a tour bus around paris and taking all kinds of shots, then going into cathedral and taking shots in much darker conditions without changing settings - i got all of this with this camera and then some!

Bad things about this camera -

1. battery life sucks so get more, i got 3 generic ones for less than $10 each on amazon and they will be well used on my longer trips... I think this big LCD screen sucks all power from the batteries quickly.

2. In auto mode you cannot switch flash to Fill-In mode, the only two modes available are Auto and Off. I use flash/fill flash pretty much all the time, even on the sunny beach to make pictures look perfect without any hard shadows but now...

hope this helps.

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