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Sony Cyber-shot DSCS750 7.2 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

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With Sony's Face Detection technology, the DSC-S750 detects up to three faces and optimizes focus and exposure for accurate, natural photos of family and friends. You can capture stunning detail thanks to its 7.2 megapixel resolution and 3x optical zoom lens, while high ISO sensitivity helps reduce blur when shooting indoors or at twilight, even without flash. And a 5-point auto focus is ideal or off-center subjects. Then, compose your shots on the large, 2.5? LCD screen. You can also capture 320 x 240 video clips at high frame rate (30 frames per second) and audio with the built-in microphone. High ISO Sensitivity (ISO 1250) helps reduce blur when shooting indoors or at twilight, even without flash, so you can capture great-looking images even in less-than-ideal lighting. Focal Length - 5.8 to 17.4 mm 35mm Equivalent - 35-105mm Aperture Range - Auto and Program Auto - f2.8 (W) - f9.7 (T) Focus - 5-Area Multi Point AF, Center AF Optical Zoom - 3x Digital Zoom - 0 - 2.0X (Precision) EV Compensation - Plus / Minus 2.0EV, 1 / 3EV step Shutter Speed - Auto (1/8 - 1/2000) / Program Auto (1 - 1/ 2000) Minimum Focus Distance - W - Approx. 19 11/16 (50cm) - Infinity / T - Approx. 19 11/16 (50cm) - Infinity Smart Zoom Technology - Smart Zoom / Precision Digital Zoom / Off ISO - Auto / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1250 Focus - Preset --- (0.5m / 1.0m / 3.0m / 7.0m / Unlimited distance) 1-Year Warranty Approximate Unit Dimensions - 3.56? (W) x 2.18? (H) x 1.06? (D) Approximate Unit Weight - 4.5 ounce

Technical Details

- 7.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 14 x 19-inch prints
- 3x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD display
- Face Detection; Smart Zoom feature
- High Sensitivity (ISO 1250) mode
- 22 MB internal memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo media
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Customer Buzz
 "Good little "back-up" camera" 2009-08-11
By M. Blackwell (Lynchburg, VA)
Not long ago, my trusty "old faithful" Canon stopped working and I began to shop around for a new camera. The newer models don't have some of the nice features that "old faithful" had, and so I was frustrated... could I do without a viewfinder? Besides, I knew the controls of "old faithful", and didn't want to have to go through the learning curve again. Then, miraculously, I learned that the issue my camera was experiencing was covered by Canon - for free - even though it was long out of warranty. So, I sent it off, and was told promptly that it was indeed going to be fixed.

Sorry... that's a long lead-up to my view on this Sony. I had a couple of events that I didn't want to attend without a camera, and so when I spotted this Sony on sale recently, I snapped it up as a "back-up" camera, to use while my other camera was being repaired, and to have for those occasions when I really didn't want a larger camera, or when there was any chance the camera might be at risk (bike riding, for example). I got the camera home (with the 2G card I had purchased), and was delighted to see that the controls were very similar to those on the Canon. The learning curve was very short. I love the large LCD screen (good thing, since there is no viewfinder), and although there aren't as many shooting modes as I have had on the Canon, these are certainly sufficient for a casual photo shooter! Even better... when you set a mode, the LCD shows you the selection you have made (nice for those whose eyesight isn't what it used to be). And there are some new features that "old faithful" didn't have... stabilization, face recognition, etc. I found the close-up feature to be more difficult that "old faithful" because it had a shorter range of focus, and was more sensitive to movement (which, in a tiny camera, is always an issue). I noticed the problems others have commented on regarding flash-outs, white, colors, etc., and after playing with the camera I can say that these problems can be overcome - you just have to know your camera better.

So... long story short is that I think this is an excellent little camera for a "back-up"!! In fact, there may be times I'll reach for this instead of "old faithful" (which has been returned to me in perfect condition!!). If you're a first-time digital camera user, this is a good choice... you'll learn lots as you use it and review the manual periodically. It's at a price-point that makes it a great gift for graduates or special birthdays or other celebrations, and it fits in your pocket... easily.

Customer Buzz
 "Excellent Point & Click Camera For The Average Family" 2009-08-10
By Jamie Ratliff (Texas, USA)
The Sony DSC-S750 offers a lot of camera for the money. The unit is very simple to use, and comes with a rechargeable battery, which is a great thing. If you've ever used a regular battery in a digital camera, you know how fast they go. Since the battery is rechargeable, you won't be spending a ton of money on those "Photo" batteries either! This camera offers multiple quick set modes for taking pictures in the most common environments, so you don't need to be a techie to choose the right settings. While the camera is easy to use, it does offer some more in depth features for those folks who want to tweak their photos or just want to play with the advanced settings. With a large screen for viewing your pictures, you will be able to check them immediately to make sure you got the shot you wanted. The removable memory stick makes getting pictures printed at a local store easier than ever. Just pop out the memory stick and take it with you!

The Sony DSC-S750 has been my favorite camera for a year now. I don't take a ton of pictures, and I'm not a professional, but the pictures turn out great, and the camera is easy to use.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony DSC-S750 7.2MP" 2009-06-12
By Ronald S. Buda (USA)
This is an older model,but still takes great pics. It has a re-chargeable battery pack that seems to last longer than the re-chargeable AA NIMH's used on the DSC-S650. Also it doesn't come falling out when the door is open.2-Gig memory card stores over 10K pics on J-peg for E-mail. Saved $$ by purchasing an open box. Looks & performs as new. Has features I'll never use,but just point & click & your done. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a digital camera except(yawn)a snobby/nerdy Tech geek which could spot flea poop in black pepper. They'll have to spend more $$$ to be satisfied.

Customer Buzz
 "great!!" 2009-05-12
By A. Wallace
great product, im having a lot of fun with this. looks great, works great, takes excellent pictures, who could ask for more with such a low price.

Customer Buzz
 "Not a very good camera" 2009-05-03
By M. Fettig
I received this camera for Christmas and I have to say...Both my LG Chocolate and my wife's LG Voyager cell phones take better pictures. Indoors, outdoors, close, distant, all the pictures were pretty bad. I found someone to buy it on that other resale site. I'm looking to buy a Canon.

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Buy Sony Cyber-shot DSCS750 7.2 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom Now

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