Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mini Flexible Portable Camera Tripod

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100% brand new flexible universal camera tripod that can be utilized for multiple applications. The flexible leg joints allow the tripod to be placed virtually anywhere and on nearly any surface.

Technical Details

- Flexible universal camera tripod. Size: 165 x 35 x 35mm.
- Each leg has nine black ball and socket joints that each have 360° rotational range
- Gray rubberized rings, feet, and link cushion
- Universal 1/4-in tripod screw plus a 3/8-inch adapter screw
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Customer Buzz
 "Works ok for a day or so, gets fatally loose soon after" 2009-09-29
By G. Cochrane (San Francisco, CA)
I wish I'd just bought an actual GorillaPod at this point. There are a multitude of joints on this knock-off that are too loose to hold the camera up after a day or two of playing (gently) around with it.

I'm going to buy a tube of superglue and try to build up a bit of additional plastic on the weak ball joints, but heck, I'd much rather not have to hack this thing to make it work. Beware.

Customer Buzz
 "Can't hold the weight." 2009-09-05
By Stephanie R. Boyer (Ohio, USA)
This tripod couldn't bear the weight of my canon powershot sx110. If the camera was lighter I'm sure it would work out.

Customer Buzz
 "You get what you pay for" 2009-05-18
By Richard Bowles (Yukon, OK)
this flimsy thing is really worth what you pay (I paid like 4$ + shipping) - it couldn't support my fujiFilm s2000

Customer Buzz
 "Maui Mohawk" 2009-02-28
By Maui (Hawaii)
Excellent value and great alternative. Works just as well as Vidpro Gripster or JOBY Gorillapod, and makes the best travel tripod too. Highly recommended, you can't lose.

Customer Buzz
 "photo set pro" 2009-02-28
By Tom Ota (Tokyo)

I use this with my Nikon coolpix and others (Leica and Rollifex) digital/rangefinder compacts, and it actually works fairly well (i've several of these handy dandy tripods on hand). These tripods even come with a quick mount shoe Clip, just leave this attached to the camera and click them right back on the tripod when you need to. It is compact and fits into any pocket or bag. Outstanding value.

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