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Sony LCS-X20 Soft Carrying Case for most Sony Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony LCS-X20 Soft Carrying Case for most Sony Camcorders

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This very stylish soft-sided case keeps your Sony handycam camcorder safe and has a modular interface for attaching accessories.

Technical Details

- Soft Carrying Case for Camcorders
- New design featuring an ¿X¿ design with grey trim
- Increased interior capacity (vs. VAC).
- Added modular interface for attaching other items
- Added interior color for easily locating items
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Good for Sony DSC H20" 2009-09-26
By Grejam (US)
I bought for my cybershot DSC-H20.

Nice to gather together the charger, cords, and camera (within a smaller padded camera sized bag).

Only thing missing was a way to get the owner's manual in. I photocopied the non-Spanish pages at 80% size and found a handy pocket.

All set!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization

Customer Buzz
 "Perfect size" 2009-09-14
By Johnnie L. Robertson (Fontana, CA USA)
This is a great case. It is not too big and it is not too small. I carried it every day on my trip to new york, and fit my video camera, extra disk, my digital camera, my money and passports. When I dont use it as a puse, the charger and all the cables fit very nicely. Coud'nt have bought a better bag for my sony camcorder.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony Handycam case" 2009-07-16
By Balaji (Santa Clara, CA USA)
Excellent case for my Sony HDR. It is perfect in size for my handycam to fit in. It also has enough space to put in charger and cables. I am happy that I picked up this case at Amazon at reasonable price.

Customer Buzz
 "very good product" 2009-07-13
By G. Singh (New Orleans, USA)
It's really a nice product. It got enough room to put all things together. I really like this product.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Buy" 2009-05-26
By NVgirl
This is a great buy. Bag is large enough to hold my Sony DVR 610 along extra batteries and CDs, yet still compact and easy to carry.

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Buy Sony LCS-X20 Soft Carrying Case for most Sony Camcorders Now

Sony VMC15FS A/V Cable for most Sony MiniDV & DVD Camcorders

Buy Cheap Sony VMC15FS A/V Cable for most Sony MiniDV & DVD Camcorders

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Whether it's the benchmark products that have made Sony famous, or more recent introductions that will lead the company into the future, the company is committed to maintaining a leadership position in consumer electronics, broadcast and professional systems, computing, semiconductors and telecommunications. Sony is also committed to developing new technologies that reflect the networked convergence of audio, video, and information technology to add value and benefits to the end user.

Technical Details

- Special connector for MicroMV products
- AV connector cable for connecting Handycam to video decks/TVs
- Length 1.5 meters
- High-performance metal-plated terminals
- 10 pin special connector: Pin Plug 2 (Audio) / 1 (Video) / S-video
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Customer Buzz
 "did not work" 2009-09-04
By Ruben D. Rivera (southampton, NY United States)
did not work with my camera, and it was listed in the site that it did suported :(

Customer Buzz
 "Sony A/V Cable" 2009-04-18
By Neil Bennett
When trying to make a DVD using my Sony Handycam and my Sony Multifunction DVD Recorder I discovered, after studying both manuals, that I was going to need this cable (Sony VMC15FS). I went to Walmart and Circuit City and couldn't find it. Then I went to Radio Shack and was told that I won't find it in a store - it's a specific item that only Sony sells...I'd have to order it from Sony. So I went on line and found it and ordered it, and, indeed, it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Ordinarily, I'd give it a 5-star rating, but I'm only giving it a 4-star because it's so difficult to obtain.

Customer Buzz
 "Great !!!" 2008-05-25
By Siewhua Tay
I need this cable to display whatever showed on my camcorder. It does pretty great job.

Customer Buzz
 "Definitely Cheaper on eBay" 2007-11-22
By Lowell P. Carhart (USA)
Go to eBay and spend about half the price for the equivalent cable NOT made by Sony. This way the bozos at Sony aren't making a dime off of you for their not-necessary-to-be proprietary cable and you still get what you need. I got this for my HDR-HC3 video camera for playback on my TV.

Customer Buzz
 "Sony VMC15FS A/V Cable " 2007-05-12
By Edward A. Jackson Jr. (Farmingville, NY USA)
Hate the fact that Sony has a special cable for its camcorders but I bought this OEM cable for a great price.

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Buy Sony VMC15FS A/V Cable for most Sony MiniDV & DVD Camcorders Now

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Red)

Buy Cheap Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Red)

Buy Low Price From Here Now

"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 camera combines style with power and intelligence. At just over 5/8” (16.3mm) thin, the T900 comes in 4 sophisticated colors and has a stylish look. With the T900 taking great pictures is now easier than ever. The iAuto mode goes beyond the traditional auto mode, thinking and working for you; recognizing scenes, lighting conditions, faces, and automatically adjusts camera settings resulting in clearer images, and faces with more natural skin tones and less blur. T900 also features HD Movie mode, recording in 720p and stereo sound for capturing your precious moments on video. Compose, review, and share your memories on the dazzling 3.5” high-resolution (921k pixels) touch-screen LCD. The DSC-T900 offers a step up in features and capabilities from the T90 with a larger and higher quality touch-screen LCD, and HDMI output with the included stand and stereo sound for movie recording.

Technical Details

- 12.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD image sensor
- 4x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; Optical SteadyShot image stabilization
- 720p high-definition movie capture with stereo sound; HDMI compatible
- Face Detection; Smile Shutter technology
- 11MB built-in memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo Media (not included)
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Great video quality+very good image quality+ease of use=awesome camera!" 2009-08-21
By Gadgester (Mother Earth)
I've had my red T900 for a few weeks and here's a list of the things I love, in roughly decreasing order of importance:

- GREAT video quality. This camera shoots 720p videos at 30fps, and the quality both indoors and outdoors has far exceeded my expectations. I previously used a T100 but also use cameras from Fuji and Casio for some occasions, and the difference between the T900's 720p high-quality mode and the typical VGA fine mode on other cameras is like day and night. Not only do you get HDTV resolution, the colors are more vibrant and the clarity is just great.

- You can optically zoom the lens during video recording. This is a must-have feature for me as I mostly shoot video clips of my kids.

- Very good still picture quality. This is no digital SLR, for sure, and the image quality is probably not as excellent as Canon's and Panasonic's compact digital cameras, but it's still very good. I read some reviews before deciding on this camera and I had worries about picture quality, but they were dispelled the minute I reviewed the still images on my PC. Very good contrast and clarity, and they make great prints.

- Smile shutter. I never thought I'd buy into this feature, but now I absolutely love it! You can set the sensitivity to three levels, and you can even choose "child priority" or "adult priorit"! And it really works! This is just totally awesome for taking still shots of my kids. (Smile shutter does not work in video mode.)

- Large 3.5" touch-screen LCD. There're no conventional controls, just touch-screen, like most Sony camcorders. The LCD is 1920x480 in resolution, and the menu text looks a little jagged, but you'll love its brightness, fast speed, and clarity for viewing images.

- Fairly easy to use. Sony employs a top-level HOME menu system with sub menus, but it's not too confusing, just a tad harder to figure out the advanced stuff than on an, say, iPod touch.

- Stylish and feature-rich. This is quite thin but still features 4x optical zoom with optical stabilization. The zoom also works in movie-recording mode. It takes Memory Stick PRO Duo cards up to 16GB. Battery lasts about 150 pictures with flash. Not bad. It's light-weight so easy to carry in a pocket, too.

In short, I love this digital camera. It's perfect for all occasions.

Customer Buzz
 "You get what you pay for" 2009-06-26
By W. Gibbs (Miami)
Great Camera at a high price. If you want the best compact point and shoot then this is it if you can afford it

Customer Buzz
 "REALLY GOOD CAMERA" 2009-05-29
By J. Sarte (USA)


Customer Buzz
 "Awesome!" 2009-05-29
By M. Hailey (St. Louis)
Have only had this camera for a month and it is phenominal! Love the large LCD screen. Another great feature is that it automatically knows what setting to use without you having to choose, i.e., landscape,portrait, etc. It is so user friendly. Love the size because I carry it in my purse at all times. Be sure and get the backup battery that is recommended because with all the features, the battery runs down fast.

Customer Buzz
 "Best travel camera" 2009-05-28
By Sunshine (Jacksonville Beach, FL USA)
My mom has used Sony Cyber-shot cameras for years, and she loves them. So when this came out, I decided to get my own. The sliding cover to turn on the camera is convenient and allows me to be ready to snap a picture immediately. The screen is big enough to adequately analyze a shot and determine if the quality is good enough to keep -- plus I can now show my pics to others right on my camera. With an entertaining nine-year old daughter, the video option allows me to capture action anywhere we are, without having to lug around my camcorder. I LOVE this camera. Thank you, Mom!

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Buy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Red) Now

Zeikos ZE-LCH1 Lens Cap Keeper

Buy Cheap Zeikos ZE-LCH1 Lens Cap Keeper

Buy Low Price From Here Now

The perfect way to keep track of your lens caps. A small button tapes onto the front of your lens cap and the elastic loop goes around the barrell of your lens so that your lens cap always remains attached, hanging from the lens. Never lose a lens cap again!

Technical Details

- Never lose your lens cap again
- Convenient
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Well worth $5.86...." 2009-09-01
By Chipper (USA)
This is worth $5.86. Use it, don't abuse it and it will serve you well.

Customer Buzz
 "Would not recommend" 2009-08-28
By T. Herring (Boise, ID USA)
Bought this lens cap keeper less than four months ago, it has fallen apart.

The adhesive no longer sticks, the string has broken.

The lens keeper I have for my old Nikormat has lasted 30 years, they just don't make them like they use too.

I would not recommend this product at any price.

Customer Buzz
 "Do not buy" 2009-08-12
By L. Buhr (Honolulu, HI)
I would not buy this product again nor would I recommend it. It peeled off the adhesive about a day after I adhered it to my lens.

Customer Buzz
 "Saves my Lense Cap Everytime" 2009-07-30
By Bradley
Others have had problems but mine works like a charm...this product has saved me so much time....before i would have to remove the cap then find a place to put it: like my pocket, my shirt pocket, my jacket pocket, or just leaved it in my hand....and ever since i bought this i just remove the cap and LET IT it....

Customer Buzz
 "Fell Apart Just Putting It On The Lens" 2009-06-29
By B. Granath (Chicago)
Purchased two of these and the first one fell apart just putting it on the lens. Was trying to figure out the best place to position the strap when the elastic just unravelled! Had to be extra careful attaching the second one. Tried it once and so far so good but should have bought a better one in the first place. Don't buy this junk

Images Product

Buy Zeikos ZE-LCH1 Lens Cap Keeper Now

Sony V825CLD Camcorder Cleaning Cassette 8mm

Buy Cheap Sony V825CLD Camcorder Cleaning Cassette 8mm

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Sony's experience in innovating, creating and manufacturing hardware products offers you a large range of reliable media, among which you can choose the optimal item to satisfy your individual demands in Video field.Sony 8mm Cleaning Cassette is ideal for camcorders, 8mm decks and Video Walkman players and will provide 200 cleanings. It can also be used for Hi8 and Digital8 Camcorders.

Technical Details

- Used according to manufacturer's recommendations, this cleaner helps assure best quality recording and playback performance from your 8mm camcorder
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Charlie Review" 2009-09-22
By C. R. Shelton
It seems to do the job pretty wel,the price was little to high for a head cleaner

Customer Buzz
 "helpful product" 2009-08-20
By G. Beisch
This product, though expensive, did exactly what I needed it to do. Camcorder would not work until cleaned, 10 seconds with this product and its like new.

Customer Buzz
 "Wonderful Product" 2009-08-01
By E. Pettis (New Jersey)
This product will help clean the heads of your Sony Videocamera. It is an excellent product.

Customer Buzz
 "Has Revived My Sony TR-120 Several Times" 2009-01-11
By Merlin (San Antonio, TX)
Stupid Spinning Head, Tape Based Video Cameras!

They all rub a little oxide off the tape as they spin. And before you know it, the recording head becomes clogged and no longer writes :-(




I bought 2 of these cleaner cassettes a couple of years ago, and they have kept my Sony TR-120 running LONG past it's expected lifetime.


Soon it'll be time for a new Video Camera. I am NOT crazy about the current crop of DVD-R based cameras. Hard-Drive based cameras are the current way to go - - BOTH are power hungry solutions.


BUT !!!


With the arrival of Solid-State drives (VERY little battery drain, high reliability, currently expensive, but coming down rapidly) it won't be long before it doesn't matter that these cleaning tapes aren't available any more.



Customer Buzz
 "Great product, Great price" 2007-05-13
By Karen A. de Howell (Jacksonville, FL)
Product performs as advertised and price is 1/4 what I would have paid at Sony's website. Prompt shipment was much appreciated.

Images Product

Buy Sony V825CLD Camcorder Cleaning Cassette 8mm Now

SanDisk 2 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo (SDMSPD-2048-A11, Retail Package)

Buy Cheap SanDisk 2 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo (SDMSPD-2048-A11, Retail Package)

Buy Low Price From Here Now

SanDisk's Memory Stick PRO Duo is half the size of a standard-size Memory Stick PRO media and it offers the same technologies including high speed data transfer, built-in MagicGate, and high capacities. The Memory Stick PRO Duo is the ideal solution for the most portable devices such as pocket-size digital cameras and with the use of Adaptor; it can be used in all PRO-compatible devices.

Technical Details

- May be adapted for use in MemoryStick Pro devices with an optional adapter
- High speed data transfer
- 2GB Storage Capacity
- Embedded MagicGate technology for safe transfer of copyright protected content
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Works fine with my Sony Ericsson k750i cell phone" 2009-09-05
By J. Negron (Brooklyn, NY USA)
I bought this for my Sony Ericsson k750i cell phone and it works fine. "Boot-up" time is faster with this than with the Sony 64 MB Memory Stick Duo it replaced.

Customer Buzz
 "Work great." 2009-08-20
By Daniel Ruskoski (Tulsa,OK United States)
Over 2 years later and all 3 that I bought still work great! Never a problem out of them.

Customer Buzz
 "SanDisk 2-Gb memory card" 2009-06-12
By Ronald S. Buda (USA)
Does what it's supposed to. Works flawlessly. Everything in life should be this trouble-free. I've never heard of any complaints about this product & it's 1/2 the cost of OEM Sony's card.

Customer Buzz
 "Defective plastic case, no warrant" 2009-06-01
By Frank J. Frabotta (Harrison township Michigan)
Defective plastic case "SanDisc2GB Pro Duo SDMSPD-2048-A11"

I purchased a Sandisc from along with a sony cyber shot camera. Buying the SanDisc proved to be a mistake. When I attempted to take the disc out of the camera the top portion broke off into the camera. I had to send the camera back to Sony to extract the top portion of the disc. Sony was good enough, without charge, to extract the defective SanDisc out of the camera free of charge. I contacted SanDisc to find out if this was a common problem with disc. It took several contacts with Sandisc only to be told I broke it. I told them that the disc shouldn't break when taking it out of a camera. The plastic encasing the disc was defective. They said there was no warranty on a broken disc which translate to no warranty when you buy a cheep product. I asked to talk to a supervisor and as of this date i have received no response. Well I learned my lesson buying a cheep product to save a buck and will never buy there product again. Stay with the company that made the product, in this case Sony, I bought the Sony disc which by just looking at it you can tell the quality is superior and performed perfectly without breaking into pieces when extracting it from the camera.

Customer Buzz
 "great buy" 2009-05-26
By Jenifer C. Brown (marietta, ga)
This memory stick was a great buy and was received very quickly. Thank you.

Images Product

Buy SanDisk 2 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo (SDMSPD-2048-A11, Retail Package) Now

Sony 16 GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX with USB Adaptor MSHX16G (Black)

Buy Cheap Sony 16 GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX with USB Adaptor MSHX16G (Black)

Buy Low Price From Here Now

The compact MSHX4G Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media card is the perfect solution for storing and transferring high resolution video and still photos recorded on compatible Handycam camcorders and cyber-shot digital cameras. Capable of up to 20MB/s data transfer and with the supplied USB adapter for quick PC connectivity, the HX Series Memory Stick is designed to make your multimedia experience as efficient as possible.

Technical Details

- High capacity, ideal for high-resolution still and movie images
- Offering up to 20MB/s, it allows large amount of data to be quickly transferred
- Greater durability and reliability: working perfectly in temperatures from -25°C to 85°C
- Compatible with copyright protection technology MagicGateTM
- 10 years warranty
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Sony 16GB Memory Stick PRO" 2009-09-15
By J. Sayson (Vancouver, BC CANADA)
Excellent memory for the Sony digital camera. Works well enough that I can shoot in continuous mode, at up to 5 frames per second, and the memory card has no problems keeping up. Size is large enough to give "limitless" pictures, and video.

Images Product

Buy Sony 16 GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX with USB Adaptor MSHX16G (Black) Now

Maximal Power FC600 SON NP-FE1/FTR1/BD1/FD1 Rapid Travel Charger for Sony Battery (Silver)

Buy Cheap Maximal Power FC600 SON NP-FE1/FTR1/BD1/FD1 Rapid Travel Charger for Sony Battery (Silver)

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Maximal Power, FC600 SON NP-FE1/FTR1/BD1/FD1 Rapid Travel Charger for Sony Battery

Technical Details

- Sony NP-FE1/FTR1/BD1/FD1 Rapid Travel Charger for Sony Battery
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Does NOT charge Sony NP-FD1" 2009-08-28
By J. Torres (Rochester, Michigan)
I ordered this because I need a way to charge batteries for my Sony T500 (other one stopped working). My son's football game is tomorrow and the batteries do not fit in the charger! ARGH! I can't even use my overpriced Sony camera. The package I received is model number FC600 as indicated. But the package only lists Sony NP-BG1/BK1, NOT BD1! (as well as Sanyo DB-L80 & Pentax D-L188/L192).

Customer Buzz
 "Sony camera battery charger" 2009-06-22
By BJ Nanney (Golden, Co. USA)
The original charger for my Sony DSC T-70 digital camera had died. This replacement was reasonably priced both for product and shipping. The new charger works in a house receptacle and in my vehicle. Thank you for providing this great item.

Customer Buzz
 "VERY GOOD PRODUCT" 2009-03-23
By G I JOE (Southern Iraq)
I use this with a sony cyber shot camera when traveling.

it comes with 110 or 220 charger and a 12v car charger adapter also.

it charges quickly and has a light on it that goes out to let you know when it is done charging.

the plug in the back of the charger folds internally to make it more portable.

i have used mine from generator power in southern iraq to 110 in the phillipines and 220 in the balkins with no problem. i havnt had it on 12v yet though but im sure it will work very good also.

Images Product

Buy Maximal Power FC600 SON NP-FE1/FTR1/BD1/FD1 Rapid Travel Charger for Sony Battery (Silver) Now

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