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Sony NPFC11 InfoLithium Battery for DSCP8, DSCP10 & DSCV1 Digital Cameras

Buy Cheap Sony NPFC11 InfoLithium Battery for DSCP8, DSCP10 & DSCV1 Digital Cameras

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designed for use with select Sony digital camera models * can snap up to 200 photos per charge * approximate charging time (full charge): 150 minutes * warranty: 90 days

Technical Details

- Extremely compact and lightweight InfoLITHIUM battery exclusively for digital still camera using InfoLITHIUM C type batteries
- Lithium ion type.
- Enables display in minutes of the remaining battery life
- Compatible with Cybershot DSCP8/10 and DSCV1 digital cameras
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Customer Buzz
 "Nice bettery" 2009-02-01
By Cristiano C. Duarte (Brazil)
It is a nice battery, but I recommend the "3.7V 1000mAh" ones, since they charge my flash faster and stay charged longer.

Customer Buzz
 "does not hold charge as long as the original battery" 2008-04-29
By cabiogal (Bay Area, CA)
This was the battery size that fit my model of Sony Cybershot DSCP8 camera. However, this replacement does not hold the charge as long as the original battery that came with the camera when it was new. I don't know if perhaps this is due to the battery or perhaps something with my camera (which is 7 years old at this point, but still works great!) However, the old battery doesn't hold any charge after fairly constant use for 6 years, so at least the new battery is a better option for me right now than buying a whole new camera.

Customer Buzz
 "Relieved after reciept and install" 2007-07-08
Obviously, the DSCP10 camera (which I own) requires the Sony NPFC11 battery. After reading other reviews (regarding the battery), I became very skeptical of if my camera would ever properly perform again. I had no choice but to purchase this battery in order for my camera to ever function again. I browsed through many web-sites claiming to sell the battery at a very low price (some as low as $20); however, I choose to "bite the bullet" and pay the higher price ($40 through Amazon) and be assured that the new battery was genuine. After the new battery was recieved (package contained the Sony tamper-proof seal), installed, and charged, the camera immediately performed like new. (Throughout this entire ordeal, I constantly had to consider the purchase of a new camera). What a relief. Very satisfied.

Customer Buzz
 "Great!" 2007-06-15
By G. Shyy (San Jose, CA United States)
I use the battery for my DSCV-1 camera. Bought as replacement for original that came with the camera since it wasn't holding a charge anymore. New one... so far so good...

Customer Buzz
 "Sony should be sued" 2007-04-16
By J. Lee (Irvine)
Sony should be sued for making such a tiny LiPoly battery (yes polymer) at a magnitude poorer in capacity than their M batteries. Such a small size demands using NiMH batteries which hold up better to abuse and cheaper to replace/have extras.

Why? Batts need to be used between 40% and 80% charge to keep from killing them (your celphone and laptops too), but the C's small capacity leaves not enough headroom nor floor for usable time before you're automatically in the area of killing the battery.

Sony needs to take an page from Fuji's F10,20,30 series cameras which are fabulous in sensor quality and can take 500+ pictures a charge! That translates to at least a couple DAYS of usage before the charge even drops 1/3.

This C lasts at best 60 minutes of "idle" usage (and I've been babying it) which is basically unusable plus at originally $50 a pop, a very expensive battery.

I ended up getting a external laptop-type battery with a power-connector that I could connect to my V1. For 3x the cost of one C, I got DAYS (~5x) the power. A much less expensive and more useful, if bulkier, proposition.

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Buy Sony NPFC11 InfoLithium Battery for DSCP8, DSCP10 & DSCV1 Digital Cameras Now

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