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Sony HVL-20DW2 Video Light for use with DCRVX2100, HDRFX1 & FX7

Buy Cheap Sony HVL-20DW2 Video Light for use with DCRVX2100, HDRFX1 & FX7

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switchable single-bulb/dual-bulb operation * mounts to compatible Sony camcorder's accessory shoe * lamp power consumption: 10 watts (one bulb)/ 20 watts (both bulbs) * lighting distance: approximately 40 lux (10 Watts), 80 lux (20 Watts) * lighting direction: horizontal * lighting angle: 26 degrees * Color temperature: 3,000 degrees K *

Technical Details

- Camera-attachable video light
- Shines in either 10- or 20-watt mode
- Requires a mount shoe or separately sold accessory bracket
- Works with more than 140 Sony cameras
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Customer Buzz
 "muy buena" 2009-09-21
By epimar
compre esta luz para usarla con mi camara de video profesional y he tenido muy buenos resultados me ha tocado filmar algunos eventos de sociales como bodas y quince anos y me he tenido que usarla y la verdad no puedo quejarme la luz es muy util para mis videos pero si tu estas pensando comprarla te recomiendo que no se te olvide comprar una bateria y no necesariamente tiene que ser sony ya que yo compre una bateria que es como la imitacion de sony con la luz y me trabaja muy bien dura horas funcionando y si puedo decir que es muy buena y por lo tanto te la recomiendo para cualquier evento social y empresarial

Customer Buzz
 "Very Good product" 2009-01-20
By Fernando Perez (Florida)
This product is lightly to work, this is fine but have a problem right at the base,it is probably when the battery is conected the base does not support the weigh, base too weak.

Customer Buzz
 "Great light, essential for parties and receptions" 2008-10-19
By Christopher W. Chua
Many of the other reviews already covered the basics. I will add that I also use a Stofen om-ez diffuser with this light in order to even out the lighting of the subjects (and to make the light a little dimmer). I bought a few 5 watt bulbs for this light that I may try in the future.

Customer Buzz
 "It's a Sony Video Light For Prosumer Level " 2008-08-29
By Wesley Gunder (Grand Prairie, Texas United States)
This Light is one of the little Hidden Gems by Sony The Light is actually made for the Professional and Prosumer Video Camera not,I repeat not for the average consumer. Unfortunately it is advertised in the consumer level.

Like competitive Video Lights By Canon for the XL-2 it does not come with a battery or power supply (another trait found on similar Pro Level Gear). The type of battery this light works best with is the L series (NP-F570 for 10 Watt mode and NP-F770 & NP-F970 for 20 Watt mode for good weight balance I would suggest the NP-F770). The Biggest Issue with this Light is the improper advertising by Sony (its says Handy-cam light on the Package and even a sticker on the light that says AMATEUR VIDEO LIGHT) . However this is the same reason which makes this Light a hidden Gem if you use any of the Prosumer or Professional Camera gear you will be very satisfied with this light.

Customer Buzz
 "Good for Close Up Portraiture" 2008-05-07
By Rhythm N' Blue (Sydney, Australia)
I'm a professional photographer and videographer, and this light is useful within its limitations.

I use it on my Sony HDR-FX1.

Basically, you'd want to buy this if say when shooting a wedding or party, and you're going around and interviewing/asking for people's reactions, comments, etc., and you want their faces to be nicely lit, then this is something good to have.

I'd say it has a max range of about 15 feet in a regular indoor setting (with both bulbs on; more range if you are in a darker room of course).

Just don't expect to light up the whole room.

It also fits in a DSLR's flash hot shoe, so this is also particular useful if you photograph portraits, you can use this as an on-center modeling light.

This double-duty potential gives it a 4-star rating; otherwise a 3-star rating if just using it on a video recorder.

Note: As stated, you'd need at least the 700 series battery to light up both bulbs. If you use the 500 series and below you can only use the 1-bulb (10-watt) setting. Heard a lot of people had problems thinking it was defective, when they didn't bother to read the instructions.

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Buy Sony HVL-20DW2 Video Light for use with DCRVX2100, HDRFX1 & FX7 Now

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