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usb retractable data cable cord for microsoft zune 30gb, 80gb, 4gb, 8gb


Buy Cheap USB Retractable Data Cable Cord for Microsoft Zune 30GB, 80GB, 4GB, 8GB


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Update music, pictures & more to your Zune through this USB data cable. Hotsync and charge your Zune at the same time.



Technical Details

- 2-In-1 Features: Hotsysnc & Charging.

- Connect your iPod with your PC/Laptop by USB port.

- Software & technical support not included.

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Customer Buzz


 "It works." 2009-10-26

By C. J. Vazquez

Great product for the price but it is definitely a lower quality prouct. I kind of have to move the zune entry portion around for it to work sometimes, but once I find the right spot and leave it be for a couple of minutes I get a full charge. Good replacement charger. Decent item.

Customer Buzz


 "Best On the go cable!" 2009-10-10

By Edwin Molina (Bronx, NY USA)

If your zune is always dying after long use on the go, you will need to carry the usb cable with you. I always did but I hated carrying it because it would get tangle with other things in my pocket. Now I don't go anywhere without these. As soon as I got them I feel in love!!! I love how easy this device extends. And for the price to, there's nothing to lose other than time.

I own a 30 GB zune for more than a year.

I wish I would a bought these LONG TIME AGO! This is the only negative about this.

PS. When you get this, make sure to hold the both connection (hold one connector to pc with one hand and hold the connector that connects on the zune with the other hand, then pull)

Customer Buzz


 "Inexpensive, and it works." 2009-09-29

By ArcticManiac (Carmel, IN)

Just got it today. BargainCell shipped it out pretty fast, orderd on 9/22 and delivered 9/28 within the estimated time frame. Brand new condition, and seems pretty sturdy given that its retractable. Obviously the cables can't be too thick. Worked on my 30G 1st generation Zune without a hitch. Can't comment on long term use, but suits my purpose as an extra cable for work. BTW, Zune/Microsoft was kind enough to allow the usb sync cable to work in the new ZuneHD as well (my old cables worked on my nephew's new ZuneHD), unlike the other MP3 player where you had to buy all brand new cables. Ordering a few more as spares, at 3 Washington's delivered, you can't go wrong.

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Buy USB Retractable Data Cable Cord for Microsoft Zune 30GB, 80GB, 4GB, 8GB Now


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