Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sigma 62mm Multi-Coated UV Filter

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UV filter cuts haze for sharper black and white prints and corrects the blues and violets in color prints. The multi-coated filter reduces reflection and is designed to be used with multi-coated lenses to protect and reduce excess UV. Multi coated UV filter is designed for outdoor photo, portrait photo and snap shot photo. UV filter has a filter factor of zero and requires no change in exposure.

Technical Details

- Blocks the invisible UV component of light from the sky
- Pictures gain brilliance and disturbing blue casts are avoided
- Excellent protection for the front element of your lens
- Ideal for photography in high altitudes, by the sea and in regions with very clean air
- Treated with a multi-layer coating process to optimize protection
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Customer Buzz
 "Excellent Filter, good price!" 2009-09-20
By Carlos Trejos (MIAMI, FL USA)
This filter has excellent performance, practically no distortion in my photographs and it protects my lens very well.

If you are looking for a filter, don't go with the cheap options, get one that will garantee not only to give protection, but that also has a good glass and it's multicoated.

I've tried original Sony's and the cheap filter kits from, I would not by anything but Sigma Multicoated.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Value" 2009-07-11
By Anthony C. Pursel
Love my Canon camera but some of the accessories are pricey. This works just fine at a better price.

Customer Buzz
 "sigma 62mm UV filter" 2009-03-19
By Vance Le
I use this sigma filter mainly for protecting my lense, and it doesn't affect the picture quality at all, which is great. Highly recommend it.

Customer Buzz
 "Good protective filter" 2009-01-25
By E. Welker (Maryland, USA)
This multi-coated UV filter is great for a protective filter. The multi-coated aspect makes it a little more expensive but I like them far better than the cheap glass of a single or non-coated version. I think it's worth the extra money.

Customer Buzz
 "Good quality filter" 2008-03-28
By D. Van Hove (Fairbanks, Ak. USA)
Filter appears to be as advertised. It fit well to the threads on the camera lens and is distortion free. External threads are sufficient to allow the lens cap to grip securely.

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Buy Sigma 62mm Multi-Coated UV Filter Now

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