Tuesday, October 20, 2009

100 of AG13 357A LR44 A76 Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery

Buy Cheap 100 of AG13 357A LR44 A76 Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery

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Cross Reference: CR44,1131SO,SR44,357,D357/303,SP357,SR44W,V357,AG13,G13,A76,A-76,PX76,675,1166A,PX76A,A76-1,LR44H,V13GA,GP76A,L1154,RW82b,EPX76,SR44SW,303,1130SO,SR44,S303/357,SP303,SR44SW,V303,SR445W,MN44

Technical Details

- AG13/357A Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery
- 10pc per pack
- Alkaline = 1.55 Volt/Lithium = 3 Volts
- We ship only FRESH long lasting batteries that have been developed and tested for use.
- Use for watch,camera,toy,calculator,PDA,mini flashlight,laser pen&other consumer electronic devices.
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Customer Buzz
 "Battery Review" 2009-10-13
By A. Francisco
The batteries are decent quality, although they don't last as long as the brand name batteries. You get what you pay for. But the seller definitely sent the product in a very timely manner! Would definitely order from them again.

Customer Buzz
 "Best deal I could find" 2009-10-02
By EatingOrange (Tustin, CA)
A pair of these batteries at Home Depot was almost five bucks. I bought 100 here for about the same price. Awesome deal. They work great in my LED flashlight. Seller shipped them same day via first class and I had them a couple days later.

Customer Buzz
 "Awesome deal!" 2009-08-26
By Raine The Pirate (The IRSeas)
These batteries are a seriously awesome deal! Paying $9 for 100 batteries for compared to paying almost $5 for 3 batteries at a store? You just can't beat it. Now my kitties shall cat lasers FOREVER! Well, for a very long time. ;) Shipping was also very fast.

Customer Buzz
 "Cheap" 2009-08-11
By Stan (OR, USA)
Cheap, and work just fine.

Not sure how long or as the case may be, how not as long, they last as compared to the brand name units, but these seem to last long enough. At around 8cents each I think they are a good buy. Even if they last just one third as much as a name brand cell, that's still cheaper than the dollar apiece you pay for the others.

Customer Buzz
 "great deal, but leave them in the pack!" 2009-06-27
By JB in DC (Washington, DC)
These batteries arrived quickly, and in good order. I tried them out in a variety of battery-operated toys and games, and they worked great. HOWEVER, to save space I wanted to pop them out of the sheets of 10 and store them in a single ziplock bag. BAD IDEA! After I popped out about 30 of them, I noticed the bag sitting beside my leg was getting hot. I stuck my hand in the bag and the batteries were burning hot! I'm surprised they didn't melt the ziplock. I don't know why this happened, but don't pop them out and store them all together....

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Buy 100 of AG13 357A LR44 A76 Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery Now

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