Thursday, April 15, 2010

zune dock pack v2


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The Zune Dock Pack gives you everything you need to display and charge your Zune anywhere.



Technical Details

- Charge your Zune while you listen to music

- Dock includes a longer cable to accommodate your home setup

- Small, portable AC adapter easily fits into crowded power strips

- Adapter cable plugs into the side for easy fit behind dressers and tables

- Includes three faceplates for each Zune type

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Customer Buzz


 "Good except for one thing" 2010-04-11

By Minskeapolis NeoCon (Peoples Republic of Minnesota)

Nice dock for the Zune. It's small, has a nice rubber grip pad on the bottom, and is very easy to set up and use.

The only downside is that when using the radio, I had to move the speaker connection from the back of the dock to the headphone jack on the Zune itself because the Zune uses that jack as an antennae for the radio. I don't know if there is any way the dock could conceivably route the radio antennae signal from the headphone jack to the dock, but I was unable to receive a good radio signal through the dock itself.

Still, for ease of use and listening to music from the Zune, this dock is first rate. It keeps my Zune charged and ready to go.

Customer Buzz


 "Gift for the wife" 2010-03-31

By Stephen Mischenko (USA)

This works great for my wife's Zoon. She likes to listen to audio books, and this dock makes keeping her Zoon charged up, easier.

Customer Buzz


 "Works perfect on Zune 120g" 2010-03-13

By M. Montana (Darkside, Moon)

I used this on my Zune 120g, the 'Zune 80G' plate fits perfectly. Stable/strong dock.

Customer Buzz


 "Great for what it is" 2010-01-31

By T. Kartchner

This product is just what I needed so that my computer did not have several USB cords out the front and in my way.

Customer Buzz


 "Used with 120 with only minor issues" 2009-12-26

By B. Walker (Wisconsin, United States)

The dock comes with adaptors, none labeled specifically for the 120, but other reviewers stated that Zune's customer service said it would work, so I gave it a shot. I used the 80's adaptor and while the 120 rested a little unsteadily, it was connected enough to start charging. Since I still seemed to be having some issues with getting a really solid charge, I followed the Zune tech site's suggestion and after a half hour on the dock, connected it back to the computer and it worked perfectly.

After the initial full charge using the dock and computer, we're able to use the dock alone now. Apart from the semi-wobbly condition, I would still recommend it for owners of the 120 as an alternate charge source - I'm not sure if making some alterations to the adaptor would help, but we may try that to address the unsteadiness issue.

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