Saturday, April 24, 2010

6 pack beanie caps/socks for all apple ipods, cell phones mp3 players, zune, zen, and sandisk sansa


Buy Cheap 6 Pack Beanie Caps/Socks For All Apple iPods, Cell Phones MP3 players, Zune, Zen, and SanDisk Sansa


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Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm. Slide it out to dock or change playlists. Please know that this is not made by apple.



Technical Details

- It's as easy as... putting on a pair of socks!!!

- Stretches to fit any iPod. Not recommended for iPod Shuffle, as it is too small and will slide out easily.

- Also works great for small cell phones, digital cameras, and more!!

- The sock fully protects the iPod, there are no holes for screen or buttons.

- Bottom of sock is sewn shut to hold your iPod from falling out, top is wide open for easy access.

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Customer Buzz


 "Cute and great" 2010-03-10

By E. Cash (NJ)

I use these for my phone and they work great. I ove that I got the set. Now I can change it with my purse, clothing, or mood.

Customer Buzz


 "perfect for my ipod touch 3g" 2010-02-14

By B. Short (OH)

i bought these socks specifically for my ipod touch 3g. the shipping was very fast! at nearly one-sixth the price of the apple ones after shipping, i can't imagine anything better than what i received. they are perfect for my ipod touch and fit even with the new silicone skin i purchased. two thumbs up. way up!

Customer Buzz


 "Great for most devices" 2010-02-11

By A. Hughes (Omaha, NE USA)

The socks are just big enough to cover up most devices outside of tall cell phones and iPod Touch/iPhone. I have a Palm Pre that uses the extended life battery so it is a bit chunkier than it is with the default battery, so the phone won't fit in the original pouch. But these socks fit it perfectly! These really work best for flip-phones or smaller-profile devices. And they're insanely cheap compared to the over-priced Apple versions.

Customer Buzz


 "A little small for iTouch" 2010-02-01

By Timothy K. Flood

I was surprised how small these covers were. Even after stretching they don't quite cover the iTouch. If they were 1" longer they'd be perfect

Customer Buzz


 "Handy beanies" 2010-01-30

By Dawn Jacoby (California)

What is not to love about these? I was looking for something to protect my iPod and camera while in my pocket or purse without lugging around their cases. These are perfect and the price was sensational! Why spend $25.00+ at the Apple store when you can have these? You get enough for you and a couple the give away. The quality is just fine and the colors are cheery.

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Buy 6 Pack Beanie Caps/Socks For All Apple iPods, Cell Phones MP3 players, Zune, Zen, and SanDisk Sansa Now


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