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zune car pack v2


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If you're taking a road trip, the Zune Car Pack gives you everything you need to be your own DJ, listening to your music through your car stereo while keeping your Zune charged. This device transmits music from your Zune into an FM frequency that can be picked up by your radio tuner. You can automatically select an optimal station for broadcast using the auto-tuning Zune FM Transmitter. It often takes more than one station to stay tuned in if you drive between different regions with different stations, that's why the Zune FM Transmitter has two presets so you can easily swap back and forth between your most commonly used broadcast stations. To keep up with a long road trip, you can charge your Zune while listening to music in the car. The magnetic storage clip allows you to keep wires out of your way, and the dashboard grip pad provides a great place to rest your device in the car. It is compatible with all Zunes.

What's in the Box:

FM transmitter/charger, dashboard grip pad, product quick start guide, product manual.



Technical Details

- Compatibility: All Zunes (4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 30 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB)

- Zune FM Transmitter automatically selects an optimal station for broadcast

- Two FM presets for your most commonly used broadcast stations

- Charge your Zune while you listen to music

- Magnetic storage clip keeps wires out of your way; dashboard grip pad keeps Zune secure in car

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Customer Buzz


 "Zune car pack" 2010-03-28

By J. Back

this was ok as far as FM recievers go, so if you live in a rural area it's a good buy

Customer Buzz


 "Save your money............for a direct connection to your car stereo" 2010-03-25

By Hyco Bass (SoVa)

Sound quality was , by definition, only as good as FM radio which is not going to anywhere near as good as a CD or MP3. But throw in the static and the nearby stations trying to overlap on (any of the selected or choosen) frequencies and the music gets to be anoying quickly (and I do not live in the "big city"). Tried every which way to "rig" it, but never got a clean, clear signal.

I have NEVER found one of these type devices (FM modulator) that had enough signal strength to continualy overcome side signals and this unit will not break the streak. So, hopes dashed, it will be car my charger.

Save your money. Either purchase an WIRED FM modulator (see "sound quality" comment above first, it still applied to the inline wired type) or switch out your radio to something compatible with your Zune head phone plug. Even the low cost replacement recievers (< $80) have the proper plugs now (1/8" ?).

Customer Buzz


 "So terrible" 2010-03-22

By Maggie Monroe (Denver, Colorado)

This thing is going to cause me to get into a car accident. It requires so much moving around and fiddling with while driving. So much static on any station and randomly cuts in and out. Unless it is in one specific spot it doesn't play anything at all. I got this on sale and it is still too much to spend for it. The only good thing about it is that it charges the player. Can anyone suggest a better device for listening to my zune through the radio? One where I wouldn't have to mess with it every 10 seconds...

Customer Buzz


 "I replaced a universal FM transmitter adapter" 2010-03-15

By Patrick G. Holden (Tucson, AZ)

I recently purchased a universal FM Transmitter adapter for my 30GB zune. It worked okay, but I had wires going everywhere. When I saw this one I ordered it an returned the old one. Wow, like other zune accessories I've purchased it is well made and works well. While FM transmitter adapters aren't the ultimate solution this one is as good as any.

What I didn't expect is that it transmits the song information to my radio display, a really nice feature. I also like how the tuner attaches to the cigarette adapter using a magnet. It is a much cleaner solution than the one I originally had.

Customer Buzz


 "Zune Car Pack" 2010-03-13

By Jill C. Jeske (Portland, OR)

Bad, can I send it back? I get static where ever I go. I have to set the channel differently all of the time, and still it sounds so crappy. I just don't like using it because it gets so static.

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