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zune home av pack v2


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The Zune Home A/V Pack gives you everything you need to amplify your Zune through your home stereo. With the wireless remote you can control the experience from anywhere in the room. The wireless remote gives you full access to your Zune device from anywhere in the room. The Zune Dock includes a longer cable to accommodate your home setup, and the Zune AC adapter is optimized to fit into most power strips by taking up less room. Zune 30GB and Zune 80GB have the ability to use your TV as a display for viewing photos and video. Just plug the included composite AV output cable into your TV. Component output for Zune 80GB



Technical Details

- Wireless infrared remote gives full access to Zune from anywhere in the room

- Charge your Zune with the longer, integrated sync cable and dock

- AC adapter's small, compact design great for portability and sharing power outlets

- Display photo and videos on your TV with composite AV output cables

- Includes faceplates for each Zune device size

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Customer Buzz


 "Zune Home AV Pack v2" 2010-03-16

By Anthony G. Infantino, MD (Patterson, NY USA)

This Zune AV Pack v2 is a great buy for your Zune. It has a wall charger and AV Wires which are useful. Buy them in this package since it is more economical this way versus buying the items separately. Also I bought this kit for my sons Zune HD and the wall charger also fits. A better buy than the Zune HD Kit. Would recommend highly!

Customer Buzz


 "great product for zune owners" 2010-03-06

By Patrick Flynn (Boston, MA USA)

This is great, and at the price I bought it for well worth it. My only complaint is that the remote battery was dead upon arrival, so I had to go to radio shack and shell out $5 for a new battery after which the remote worked fine.

All-in-all great product for a great price, and if you own a zune it's really well worth it.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Deal" 2010-02-17

By D. Knight (Federal Way, WA)

This is an outstanding bargain. It's the full Zune Dock with remote control, A/C charger and A/V cable that you pay 60.00 for in stores. Buy a bunch of them for the office, boat, motorhome etc.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Performance and Price" 2010-02-17

By E. Newman (MI - USA)

This is a high quality product, with a great remote control at a very low price.

Customer Buzz


 "Easy Setup" 2010-02-17

By Scott Reilly (Valparaiso, IN)

It was an easy setup no problems at all. It sounds great and the remote works excellent. I have the ZUNE 4GB. Highly recommend.

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