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zune travel pack


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The Zune Travel Pack includes everything you need to travel in style with your Zune. Included are a pair of Zune Premium Earphones, which feature an in-ear design to help block-out unwanted background noise. Sure, the Zune comes with a pair of really nice ear-bud style headphones, but with a second pair, a friend or family member can listen along with you. To ensure that your listening buddy can share in the fun, a dual headphone jack is included with the travel pack. Simply plug in the dual head phone jack, and then plug in two pairs of Zune headphones and you're ready to rock and roll with a buddy.

Built into the dual headphone jack is a dual connect remote feature. The dual connect remote offers convenient playlist control with independent amplifiers and volume controls so you can listen to music the way you want to. Other travel pack accessories include a Zune AC Adapter, a Zune Gear Bag, and a Zune Sync Cable. The AC adapter is a great way to charge your device in the absence of a computer. A Zune sync cable is included so you can connect your Zune to the AC adapter on the road. Even though every Zune comes with a sync cable, the inclusion of an additional sync cable with the travel kit allows you the convenience of leaving a sync cable next to your home PC or office computer. When the situation forces you to put down the headphones, the Zune gear bag provides a rugged, durable exterior to protect your Zune and its related accessories. The inside of the gear bag is form-fitted to protect your Zune as well as other travel accessories. There is space for a Zune, premium headphones, an AC adapter, and a sync cable.

What's in the Box

Zune gear bag, dual jack/remote control, earphones, sync cable, and AC adapter.

The Zune Travel Pack includes everything you need when you're on the go with your Zune.

Premium earphones produce superior sound and help block out unwanted background noise.



Technical Details

- Expansive travel kit for Zune devices

- Save money by buying all five travel accessories together with this travel pack

- Rugged, durable Zune gear bag protects your Zune and included accessories

- The included dual connect remote offers convenient playlist control and two headphone jacks with independent amplifiers

- Also includes premium earphones, AC adapter, and sync cable; 1-year limited warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Great delivery." 2010-04-14

By Steven W. Johnston

I haven't had the chance to use this package...I'm still prepping my Zune, but I do look forward to useing all the items included. This shipment arrived promptly and will be used extensively, once I get my Zune loaded. Thanks.

Customer Buzz


 "carrying case and extras" 2010-03-09

By Juan C. Teran Jr. (Stan County, CA)

works great for zune and has good storage space for headphones and what not and the extra chords and headphones were great

Customer Buzz


 "Nice Product!" 2010-03-08

By pfowl (lone star state)

I bought this as a gift for my fiance to take on our upcoming honeymoon. This is a wonderful product and very high quality! Great for the price.

Customer Buzz


 "Zune Travel Pack" 2010-03-07

By Jaymie

On time delivery, Good product, except description shows a Zune Glove which is NOT included.

Customer Buzz


 "Make traveling alot easier" 2010-02-27

By Lori L. Stall (Lewisburg, Ohio)

This is my second one. The reason I brought another one was the price. My first one is still in good shape and it is over two years old. I use it everyday to take my Zune to work with me. It protects my Zune well. It has a side area for storing small items like a cell phone. It is great item to have if you have a Zune, a must buy. I also like it because it make finding my Zune easier (lol) since I have a problem with laying it down and forgeting where I placed it. Also when I pack it for a vacation, all I have to do is reach into a bag and not even looking, I'm able to find it.

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