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belkin neoprene armband for zune 80/120 gb (black/gray)


Buy Cheap Belkin Neoprene Armband for Zune 80/120 GB (Black/Gray)


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When it's time to take your Zune to the gym or the jogging trail, you'll definitely want the Belkin Sports Armband with you. A secure and convenient way to carry and protect your Zune during your workout while minimizing bulk on your arm, this sharp-looking black-and-silver arm band will hold your player securely in place, giving you a convenient way to listen to your tunes while burning calories.

The Belkin Sports Armband for Zune offers:

  • protection for your Zune while you work out;

  • integrated key pocket; and

  • reflective material for safety at night.

An integrated pocket holds a key while you're working out. View larger.

Ultra-Comfortable and Convenient

Designed to complement the latest fashion in gym gear, the Belkin Armband for Zune is as sharp looking as the player itself. But it's not just about looking good: If you're a night runner, you'll appreciate the reflective material that will help to keep you visible. And the band's snug and ultra-comfortable fit means that your player won't jostle around and serve as a distraction while you exercise. In fact, except for the music streaming into your ears as you workout, you'll barely know the Zune is on your arm.

The armband is made of neoprene, a slim, stretchable and ultra-light material that is water-resistant and hand-washable. In addition to holding your Zune securely in place, the band also includes an integrated key pocket that can hold your gym key while you're working on your abs. (And when you're not at the gym, you can protect your Zune from the hazards of everyday usage with the elegant Belkin Leather Sleeve or the edgy silver-and-acrylic Remix Case.

The Zune's display is fully protected by a clear screen that allows for easy navigation. A Velcro closure ensures a universal fit that is secure, and quick and easy to adjust.

The Sports Armband for Zune is backed by Belkin's Lifetime Warranty.


Technical Details

- Armband carries and protects hard-drive Zune during workouts

- Made of comfortable and waterproof neoprene

- Integrated key pocket holds key during workout

- VELCRO closure provides quick adjustments

- Backed by a lifetime warranty

See more technical details

Customer Buzz


 "This product is garbage" 2010-04-01

By William I. Tucker (Richmond, VA)

I received this item as a gift for my Zune 120 player. It was nice at first but after the second time I used it, it started to smell like a jock strap. After about three months of using it, the metal adjusting bar broke. I had to cut a hole in the neoprene to continue to use it. This product is neither durable, nor does it hold up to my work out routine. I constantly had to adjust it before it broke. I'm glad to see it is only $10 now on amazon. With the discontinuation of the old zune 120 and the introduction of the zune hd products, it is not likely we will see a better product. Belkin makes good products, but it seems only for the ipod.

Customer Buzz


 "Very disappointed." 2010-03-18

By Louis Pape (Seabrook, TX USA)

I got this in January and the metal ring and velcro both broke on it by mid March. Very disappointed.

Customer Buzz


 "Tough Fit For Player and Arm but works great once on." 2010-03-04

By Jordan Fishman

I don't have large arms by any means, but I find I'm on the tail end of the sizing scale. That said, the unit is comfortable and stable once on.

Its also snug and at times difficult to remove the player, but this is more of a pro - don't want the thing flying out on a run!

Over all - prob. one of the best units you will find for this purpose.

Customer Buzz


 "belkin neoprene armband" 2010-02-25

By Matt

this looks good and is comfortable. i am daily gym rat, and this case lasted about three months before the velcro began to come unglued. i had my daughter stitch it back on and it lasted another three months. the metal clasp ultimately failed and it is no longer operable. i haven't found a comparable armband, but will not by another belkin.

Customer Buzz


 "zune armband" 2010-02-24

By S. Gomez

I am very happy with my purchase.I am very satisfied with the product and the price.Shipping was quick and it arrived at my job with no problems.I look forward to dealing with this seller when the need arrives. Thanks.

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Buy Belkin Neoprene Armband for Zune 80/120 GB (Black/Gray) Now


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