Tuesday, April 6, 2010

zune gear bag


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Zune Gear Bag



Technical Details

- Stylish travel bag designed to stand up to the wear-and-tear of traveling

- Made of woven, scuff-resistance material

- Form-fitted inner compartments protect your Zune and other travel accessories

- Soft, flexible netting keeps things in place

- Optional Zune Premium Earphones come with a carrying case molded to fit bag

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Customer Buzz


 "Jam up" 2010-03-22

By William C. Donaho (Frierson, Louisiana, US)

Found this little item and originally got it for myself. My wife transports her Zune around more than I do so I gave it to her. Storage is awesome. I put her zune in the cut out side with her data cable and earbuds on oneside and her FM carpack on the other along with her av cables as well. It protects your investment quite nicely. A must have for any Zune owner. I'll have to get one for myself next

Customer Buzz


 "Awsome" 2010-03-17

By Visa (Wisconsin)

I was Amazed by the quality of this bag its a Microsoft made Item Love It Thanks New Age Deals!

Customer Buzz


 "sturdy case.. 30gb" 2010-03-15

By Steven Snell (Buffalo)

This case is very sturdy. Kinda big but sturdy enough to have confidence that your zune will be protected. Plenty of space for wires, cords, sleeves, etc.

Customer Buzz


 "Zune Gear Bag" 2010-03-09

By Dj_Arrow (Sells, AZ)

This Zune bag was a great purchase. Not only to secure my Zune 120gb player, but also other accessories I have purchased for my player, and can store my cell phone wall charger and a small sized digital camera will fit in this bag with extra batteries. The two small net areas inside this bag can secure other small accessories. It's worth the buy and no problems here.

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 "Gear Bag" 2010-02-28

By Katie Mercadel (Rochester, NY)

When I got my 120GB Zune I had to get something to store it in when I brought it into my car. I saw this and thought it was a great idea...it was! It's very sturdy, holds up to a lot, I love it. I wish there were straps on the other side too instead of just a net but that's just me I think :-) I love it!!!

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