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kicker zk500 zune speaker dock (black)


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Stereo system for Microsoft Zune with compatible docking station.



Technical Details

- Zune device docking station

- Included remote scrolls through the complete Zune menu system

- The station passes audio and video signals from the Zune device to other devices through the composite ideo and stereo RCA outputs

- Credit-card size remote allows easy control of the system and complete navigation through your Zune's menu

- Auxiliary stereo input for connecting external devices

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Customer Buzz


 "Great dock" 2010-04-09

By Matt

This thing generates amazing sound at mid to high volume, but lacks bass and definition at low volume. When it comes to quiet, ambient listening, the Bose sound dock is definitely better. However, considering the vast price difference between the two, this Kicker dock is of much better value.

Also, a built in battery would have been nice in terms of portability. but maybe they didn't include a battery because the sub uses up so much power?

either way, i am very happy with this product.

Customer Buzz


 "Wow!!!!!" 2010-04-07

By J. Degaro (Waukesha, WI USA)

I was very surprised at the amount of output this little system has. The only thing that was a little unexpected was the fact that the sub on the back is a passive radiator and not active. It still has great sound quality and bass so that is a minimal downfall. The price was right too. My wife enjoys it very much and uses it daily.


Customer Buzz


 "Get one while you can" 2010-03-21

By Kathryn Ann Waite Kelley (SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, US)

The Kicker delivers warm, rich sound and lots of volume. The remote works well, except you still have to be close enough to read the screen on the Zune. I have a small home recording studio, and the Kicker's sound quality is as good if not better than my studio speakers. There's no EQ, but the treble/bass controls are pretty wide so you don't really need it. I also like that it has an aux. in and came with the 1/8 cable so if you have a different mp3 player you can still use it.

The volume/quality is way better than you would expect from those little speakers-- it really makes you want to know what's inside.

Customer Buzz


 "Love it!" 2010-03-18

By A. Andrews (Milwuakee, WI)

I recently bought a Zune HD and wanted a sound dock. After looking at the few that are available for the Zune, I settled on the Kicker ZK500. I had read the great reviews, but was still skeptical about the sound from a unit of that size. I was pleasantly suprised to say the least. I listen to hard rock and music with a lot of base, and it is often turned up loud. This system delivers. The sound quality is awesome with no distortion even at the highest sound level.

My only gripe is that the remote does not fully function with the Zune HD. As other reviewers have stated, the basic functions work (volume, skip tracks, etc.) but you can't access the Zune's menu through the remote. In my opinion, this is only a minor drawback to the quality of sound you get from this product. If you're looking for a speaker dock to rock out your Zune on, spend the extra money and go with this product. You won't be sorry.

Customer Buzz


 "No sound" 2010-03-18

By H. Richitt (Virginia, USA)

I was apprehensive about these speakers because some people have said that they destroyed their zunes. However, I decided to give them a try because I've heard the sound quality is amazing.

Well, it didn't destroy my zune, but it wouldn't play it either. The zune connected fine but no sound would come out. The remote for the speakers wouldn't do anything either. I even tried connecting it, not using the dock but instead the auxiliary input, still nothing. It's like the speakers refused to recognize my zune was connected to it.

Out of curiosity I connected by sister's zune, and it worked just fine. Considering we have the same model, the same software (we use the same computer), and they were purchased around the same time, it just baffles me why one would work and the other wouldn't.

I would heed the warnings here, and purchase a different set of speakers.

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