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digital lifestyle outfitters hipcase folio for zune hd (black)


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Luxurious hand crafted folio-style case with belt clip and flip-up cover providing easy access to key functions



Technical Details

- Leather case with padded cover and soft, fabric-lined interior

- Sleek belt clip keeps Zune HD securely at your side

- Padded cover flips up to reveal a hidden pocket ? perfect for an ID, credit cards or a bit of cash

- Access to all controls and bottom connector port

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Customer Buzz


 "OK but..." 2010-04-02

By Alethea

Nice quality materials, includes a belt clip and offers good protection. However, I'm deducting a star for the poor fit, it's at least 1/4 inch too wide and on a small item like the Zune HD this is a BIG deal. The Zune slides around in the case whenever you press the side button. I was able to stablize the fit by inserting a couple of pieces of cat5e cable, cut to fit, one on each side of the unit. I'm also deducting a star for the high price. I bought a much better fitting case (without a belt clip) here on Amazon for 1/4 the price of this one.

Customer Buzz


 "Great quality and design." 2010-03-15

By K. Butler

Having owned many cases for many different mp3 players, I can say without question this is the best overall case I have ever owned. It fits perfect, uses high quality materials and the design leaves nothing out. I especially love the magnet that keeps the cover snug when down. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a ZuneHD.

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 "It is so choice" 2010-03-01

By M. C. Hanson (Orlando)

I received the case for my Zune HD today. As far as I can tell, the case is great. There were a couple questions I had that I didn't see in the reviews. The first is that the case is kept closed by a pair of magnets in the bottom corners. The other is about the belt clip. As the word clip suggests, the case can be 'slid' onto a belt or other article of clothing (i.e. it you don't need to thread your belt through a loop on the case). The case is very sharp and it makes the already stylish Zune HD even more um... stylish! After reading all the other reviews I wasn't worried that it wouldn't be a great case, but I was a little hesitant to buy it for myself without seeing some more pictures of it. I took some pictures with my cell phone camera and I'll try to find a way to publish them here. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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 "Best Case for Zune HD" 2010-02-21

By K. Kingsberry

I really enjoyed this case I have owned it for over two months and I highly suggest purchasing this case the quality of the product is spot. worth every penny

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 "Terrific accessory!" 2010-02-18

By Jonathan M. Norberg (Grand Forks, ND)

You know, sometimes an accessory almost "outdoes" the item it goes with (one that comes to mind is the Garmin nuvi friction mount.) Of, course, that is an exaggeration, but it's impressive to come up with an accessory that compliments an item so well.

I feel this little leather case is exactly one of those accessories. I received it a day after the Zune I had ordered, and I was immediately impressed. First of all, it is real leather (of the softest sort.) Sometimes an item advertises as leather when it is really a pseudo-leather, and I was happy that this was not. It is VERY luxurious feeling. That wouldn't mean a whole lot if it wasn't functional, but the Zune slides in perfectly (and stays there.) This protective case gives a whole new dimension to the Zune as now it can go in pockets, etc, without repercussions. The little magnet latch on the front is nifty as well.

The only detractor is when you are on the internet browser. The keyboard requires full access to the screen, and the outer edges are hindered by the case. It doesn't cut into the actual screen, but it's nearly impossible to get the letter "a" with the case on. This is a very minor thing as far as I am concerned, but I did want to point it out.

If you have a Zune HD, I recommend this product wholeheartedly! You will probably regret that you haven't bought it sooner!

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Buy Digital Lifestyle Outfitters HipCase Folio for Zune HD (Black) Now


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