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zune hd sync dock


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Connect to your PC and sync your collection while you charge your Zune in styleControl your Zune from across the room with the included wireless remoteConnect to your home entertainment system



Technical Details

- Charge and play

- Small and convenient AC adapter.

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Customer Buzz


 "Must have for Zune HD owners" 2010-04-14

By Christian Rios (Hattiesburg, MS USA)

You can plug the Zune HD to this dock and stream music to your TV or Receiver. It can also play video at 720p on your TV. It has a good interface and the remote even though feels cheaply made, it does the job. I recommend this over the most expensive version of the dock. If you already have an HDMI compatible device, all you need is to buy a cheap HDMI cable and for power if you do not have a USB port available nearby get one of those cheap USB to AC adapter from [...] or right here in amazon. Picture and sound quality is decent and you will not need to buy proprietary docks for all your equipment.

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 "Don't buy this if you want function out of the remote." 2010-03-05

By IowaGuy (Central Iowa)

I really want to love my Zune HD, but Microsoft keeps doing things that are intentionally frustrating, and I think I've finally given up hope. The last straw: I received the Sync Dock today, and hoped to use it at work on my desk. However, unless you plug the dock into a television, the remote won't allow you to navigate through the menus. You can press play, you can adjust the volume, and you can jump back and forth between tracks within the playlist, but you can't navigate the menus. Want to go to a completely different artist? can do. Want to jump to a podcast?.....Sorry! I called support, and apparently this is by design. HUH?

Why....why.....WHY would you design it like this?

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 "Not What I Thought" 2010-02-20

By Darrell Totman

First, this does NOT come with a "Small and convenient AC adapter." That was a mistake on Microsoft's description. Second, you can not use this to listen to the HD radio through your computer. That last point is the main reason I bought this dock and I suppose it was my lack of information on what it would do for me. The documentation provided with this device is minimal and almost impossible to see. Some of the poorest I have ever received for an electronic device. The online info is not much better, but you can read that. It does its job and it looks good, but I was disappointed.

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 "Zune HD AV Dock" 2010-02-17

By G. Hines (Saratoga Cty NY)

After a bit of trouble the AV Dock works flawlessly.

I purchased it without power supply and cables. Found it was essential that the dock is powered by USB.

This dock is one of the few HDMI devices that makes an "automatic" HDMI splitter switch work properly.

Plugging in the Zune HD makes the switch change from Cable Box to DOCK.

Will be much more useful after this Spring when Microsoft puts out firmware upgrade to be able to use Xvid Codec.


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 "Audio only review" 2010-02-12

By Julio Vaunswa (WI)

Here are some key points that would have helped me when buying this as the information was not easy to access under specifications.

On the back it has the following outputs:optical out, HDMI,3.5mm output(headphone jack),USB male and HD radio antenna.

Now I am only using this in my car under my center console, this is only connected to my car by USB(for power) and then I have a 3.5mm jack plugged in to the stereo and it sounds great!!

BUT the problem is that once the power is turned off the unit keeps playing, on the regular Zunes it would make the Zune go into pause mode which it then would go into a sleep/shutdown mode. This shouldn't be a big deal as long as you don't have the unit on repeat or it will run out of juice.

--My biggest gripe(the reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 5) is about the fact that the remote is almost useless when using the dock for using the Zune while on the dock. Now I am not using this for video so this is only for controlling the zune for music. The remote only lets you skip tracks and play/pause, and go back to the main zune screen. Pretty crappy as the 80/120 zune docks let you change modes on the zune from music to radio or go into settings. Yes this means that while its on the dock you have to still use the touchscreen to find the artist and select albums then you can use the remote to skip tracks,or pause the music.

If this is not a problem for you then by all means get the dock as it's well constructed and the emblem on the front adds a small cool factor to boot.

***Update Looks like the unit was updated so when you cut power the unit pauses and goes to sleep. With this added I upgraded the star status to 4.

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