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zune premium headphones v2


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The Zune Premium Headphones feature a noise-isolating design to drown out everything but your media collection. Superior sound quality and bass are a welcome upgrade for music lovers seeking a premium listening experience. A Soft fabric cable design helps get rid of kinks in your wire and has a unique look and feel



Technical Details

- Noise-isolating design with in-ear fit for superior bass response, crisp highs, and great balance

- Four sets of in-ear inserts for comfort

- Integrated wire management system with magnetic buds and headphone clip

- Small and lightweight storage pouch stores headphones

- Soft fabric cable resists kinks with a unique look and feel

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Customer Buzz


 "Great sound, but the soft fabric cable has problems" 2010-04-12

By Sadat H. Khan (Oklahoma city, OK United States)

Sounds like one the top earphones in the market. Hard hitting bass, and clean highs. Perfect for techno. The cord is the only problem. When it rubs up agains your shirt or your collars it creates a very annoying scratching noise if your music is turned down low. Very, very irritating, and I have had these earphones about a year now and I'm still not used to the noise. I usually turn up the music high so drown out the scratching sound. Also, The soft fabric has torn in one place and it exposed the plastic wire underneath.

There is an advantage to the soft fabric wires though, it does not bunch up or get twisted. So you wont have to constantly untwist them like other plastic wires.

Overall, excellent sound, but annoying at time if the music is low or during song transitions.

Customer Buzz


 "Best portable device headphones available." 2010-03-21

By Steve T. (Glendale, CA USA)

First off, I have owned these Zune V2 headphones for over two years now on a Zune 120GB device; I am on my 2nd pair currently though. Portable headphones from any manufacturer do wear out with daily rugged use, as I give mine. The magnetic connector for them is just great, you know, the headphones are not dangling independently of each other all over the place. The speakers in them are excellent, they sound very good and the cord is made of tangle resistant woven material, and I have never had any problem with interference by it (the cord) hitting any objects, including metal. In fact, I read the review here that someone got interference with a shovel banging into them, but I tried hitting them (the cords) and everything else that I could think of, they never sounded better even as I was trying to distort the sound any way that I could. Even when I get an IPhone or any other portable device that will require headphones, I plan on using these. They may be a little expensive but they are totally worth it, you will never go back to 'other' portable headphones again, the noise reduction is standard for in-the-ear headphones also, meaning good. Bye-the-way, the great magnets and super sounding speakers are a little big, compared to `other' cheaper lower end portable headphones out here, but I will never go to anything else than this type of headphones.

Customer Buzz


 "The best headphones I have ever used... until they broke" 2010-03-13

By Allan J. Horn (Houston, TX USA)

I snagged these when they were selling at a 50% discount right before they were discontinued. The first time I used them, I fell in love. The sound quality is superb and they are very comfortable. The cord will fray but that shouldn't cause a problem. Moving will transmit a sound to your ears and it's annoying at first, but you quickly get used to it (at least I did) and it's definitely not as bad as some people are saying.

Here's the bad:

I bought these in like late August and the right side just recently became really faint (this was in mid-March). I wish these headphones weren't discontinued because I would definitely buy another pair.

Overall, these are still the best ear-phones I have ever used. Bass is perfect, sound quality is better than all I have tried, they are very comfortable, hardly noticeable & never fall out even while running, and block outside sound really well. Also, you think you'll never use the pouch but you do :)

Customer Buzz


 "Decent value." 2010-02-24

By Stanltaaf (Free Lunch, Luna UAE)

I've had these for a month and use them every few days including at a gym, and on a plane or playing video games. I consider myself above average when if comes to being picky about sound; I occasionally moonlight as a sound tech.

I've been happy with these. The sound reproduction is fairly accurate; a little light on the base but not in a bad way.

Sound isolation is not perfect with the rubber tips and my ears are small so I kind of have to work hard to get a good seal on my ear canal.

That said, when I got these for about 20 bucks, I would still pay about 30 for them if these broke. For my generic listening use; I think I got a good deal.

If this is your first time buying in-ear headphones, keep this mind: Most people aren't really as finicky as they say they are about sound.

I suggest you give these a try. for about 30$ before you hand over more than double that for 'high end' ones.

Customer Buzz


 "Great!!! Buy from a different store tho" 2010-02-13

By Michael Roof (Tampa, FL USA)

I love these head phones. I fist tried them when I bought my zune and they came with them. They lasted me longer than the zune did lol. So i decided to buy another pair from walmart and use them in my ipod touch. They are great again. I love these headphones. The problems people say in other reviews are true but the sound quality beats it. Buy them from walmart or bestbuy for $30

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