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dlo dla69067d/17 microsoft zune action jacket classic


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DLO DLA69067D/17 Microsoft Zune Action Jacket Classic



Technical Details

- Action jacket classic

- For Microsoft Zune HD

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Customer Buzz


 "Good but don't like the clear plastic front." 2010-03-16

By Dathon (Texas)

I wish there was a rubberized armband for the Zune HD, like the Agent18 armband for the smaller older Zunes. Those were great, because they incorporated a belt clip and armband into one thing, and was rubber protected with an opening for the display. This armband is good, but the plastic clear front is limiting when trying to use the Zune HD. I looked to see if you could remove the front, but if you would, the Zune would fall out. The armband also is not very long, so I don't think it will fit weight lifters with big arms.

Customer Buzz


 "Should have bought the Belkin..." 2010-03-06

By Film Fan (Behind you...)

The screen cover is way too thick to be useful. They appear to have just reused the same material from the regular Zune. The last thing I want to do while running is fiddle with a lousy touchscreen cover. The armband had a bad habit of getting twisted up around the adjustment loop, turning it into a tourniquet. The screen cover was easily fixed by CUTTING IT OUT, but the armband broke the deal. Should have gone with the competition.

Customer Buzz


 "Good while running, but plastic is thick impacting experience" 2010-02-16

By M. Cesario

Good accessory to use for walking and running.

But has two big cons:

1) once you are using, the navigation is impacted. Very difficult to strike correct letters in screen keyboard.

2) once you put your zune in this case, it's almost impossible to take it out!!

Customer Buzz


 "Great to protect... terrible to utilize the Zune HD" 2010-02-09

By L. Garcia (San Antonio, TX)

The Digital Lifestle Outfitters Action Jacket is great to protect your new ZuneHD but takes away from the ZuneHD's touchscreen. When you put the ZuneHD into the case you know that it is going to hold up through tough workouts; you don't have to worry about it falling out or the material breaking on you. The problem is when you actually try to use the touchscreen features of the ZuneHD because of the construction of the plastic screen with the neoprene material. The plastic screen cover is VERY thick and does NOT seal up against the entire screen rendering the middle part of the screen the only usable portion. The outside edges (quite a large portion of it) end up requiring a lot of pressure and at times do not even sense your touch. Additionally the plastic screen cover sticks to your ZuneHD making it very difficult to remove at times. If you are looking to use your ZuneHD for workouts and not take it out of its case often or use the touchscreen to its full advantage, this product is for you. In other words... stay away from it if you want to really use your $150 - $250 product to its full potential.


- Strong material

- Secure fit/hold

- Armband and belt clip included


- Thick plastic screen

- Tough to remove from case

- Plastic screen makes large parts of the ZuneHD touchscreen unusable

I am returning this product in hopes of another workout design. I have purchased the Black Silicone Skin Case with Armband and the Skinomi Full Body Screen Protector products and will give a review of that design when I test it out...

Customer Buzz


 "I thought......." 2010-01-31

By Jeremy W. Mcclain (Vegas)

I like the product, the arm strap has several velcro sections for a nice fit for small and big arms. I thought this had a cord saver wrap so my headphones could be stored easily with the Zune. It does not have one. Still a nice product.

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