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power line 0900-77a 1300-ma ac adapter with usb charging port


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1300mA Univ Adptr w/USB



Technical Details

- Converts AC power to DC power for all types of electronic products

- Includes 7 different plug tips with storage compartment for use with different electronic products

- Standard USB charging port for USB chargeable devices

- Provides 1-amp of power and has the Energy Star rating

- Eliminates the need for expensive batteries to power CD players, electronic musical instruments and games, portable DVD players and more

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Customer Buzz


 "Universal power adapter" 2010-03-24

By Ronald E. Pearson (Alton Bay, NH)

I bought this item, but unfortunately for me, it includes only female adapters and my application requires a male plug. Otherwise, for most people and for most applications this is a good, fairly high-powered unit.

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 "A reliable multi-voltage device w/ High Current Support" 2010-03-10

By K. Wyatt (Oregon)

I bought two of these after my multi-volt adapter from The Shack did not have enough current to support my electronic devices. I checked both of them under load with a volt meter and the voltage was correct even drawing 1300 mA (1.3A). If you need multi-voltage power supply(s) that require high current these are very good at accomplishing the task.

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 "Great Deal" 2010-03-07

By M. Al-Mutawa

This power adapter has everything, different jack sizes plus USB. The 1300 mA is also nice since most adapters I looked at supply 500 to 650 mA.

One thing that you need to pay attention to is how to connect the jack (head) make sure you choose the right polarity otherwise you might damage your devices (make sure yu read the instruction carefully).

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 "Decent replacement adapter" 2010-02-10

By E. Leung

This is a decent replacement adapter but it doesn't fit some electric products with it's small plug.

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 "Perfect AC Adapter" 2010-01-31

By Y. Muhsen

This AC Adapter satisfied all my needs given the cheap price I bought it for.

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Buy Power Line 0900-77A 1300-mA AC Adapter with USB Charging Port Now


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