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The iZel is a totally unique and innovative way to support your device for hands free use. Its remarkable design supports a wide range of the worlds most popular devices. It has a clever method for adapting its shape to landscape or portrait orientations and it is easily adjusted to position your screen for the optimal viewing angle. Best of all, it folds flat and travels easily. The iZels durable construction is made possible by using a sophisticated slip-resistant elastomer that helps to keep your device in its place and looking new. Use the iZel when you want to watch a video, make a hands-free call, monitor your email, surf the web, or to simply use your device as a digital picture frame.



Technical Details

- Supports a wide variety of the world's most popular devices.

- Adjusts for viewing your device in portrait or landscape mode.

- Positions your screen for the optimum viewing angle.

- Unfolds easily for travel and weighs only 1.3 oz.

- Proudly designed and manufactured 100% in the U.S.A.

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Customer Buzz


 "Well worth the "premium" iPod stand cost..." 2010-04-13

By Seen

Although you may be wondering why you'd pay $xx.00 on this iPod stand when there are iPod and iPhone and multi-media (Blackberry, cell phones, Zune etc.) stands that are much, much cheaper.


-Ultra-compact, in it's "unassembled" form, it is basically a thin piece of rubber, very flat, very low surface area.

-Very easily adjustable viewing angle.

-Works to hold device horizantal or vertical

-Would likely work on other multi-media devices / cell phones, etc.

Is not a small, easily lost "S" shaped stand (I've lost two now...) is very compact, but large enough that it is hard to misplace


1. Took me a bit of fiddling around trying to figure out how to use and adjust it. Once you get the hang of it though, set up is very fast, still...more complicated than comparable stands.

2. Much pricier than other iPod/iPhone stands...but IMO (having tried several), I think it is worth extra cost.

3. Minor quibble, but wouldn't it be great if this were offered in alternate designs/colors??? The design is fine, but it would be really awesome if available in other designs or colors.

Customer Buzz


 "Doesn't work with iPod Touch" 2010-04-03

By Brook Norton (Southern CA)

With the Touch in the vertical position (most apps only display in vertical positon) there is not enough room below the iPod to plug in the charger/sync cable. If you try anyway, the whole thing topples over. A cradle HAS to work while plugged in. Other than that it is nice quality, so if not using a Touch may work for you. But I really don't like that it says its iPod compatible and then its not. I returned it.

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 "It is OK" 2010-03-09


For the price, I am not happy. It does as advertised, just feels like it will break. Plus that it folds flat for travel, minus that for a piece of molded rubber(?) it is [...] bucks.

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 "LOVE IT!" 2010-03-03

By Anna

This item is GREAT!!! I have a 2 year old. Everytime my husband and I decide to go out to dinner, we use my IPHONE as a way to keep her 'calm' through the process of eating out. I used to have to find ways to prop my phone up. Not anymore! The best part is that it does NOT take up a lot of SPACE in my purse. It UNFOLDS to a FLAT position, so that you can easily store it. When you want to use it, you just snap the legs in place and there you go! It has two settings...smaller and bigger. It can be used with ipods or other devices that play movies ( for the specs please read the actual product description). The only thing that I WISH it did, is to attach itself to a surface that is not flat. Like a headrest on a plane or car. But as long as you're using it for what it was made for... flat surfaces... it works GREAT!

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 "innovative iPhone holder" 2010-02-10

By Heather Nowell (Aliso Viejo, CA)

I got this for my husband on his Birthday since he's always been asking about something to hold his phone while watching a YouTube video or reading something online he can rest his hands and not have to worry about it slipping out of his grip or laying it flat with the wonderful glare on it. It's adjustable so you can have it vertical or horizontal depending on your prefer it. I think it's great for your dashboard or airline use. But then again I'm not the one using it but he is a lot happier not having to ALWAYS hold it. It's better than the aluminum one featured.

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Buy iZel Innovative Hands-free Stand for  iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Zune Now


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