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zune ac adapter v2


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The Zune AC Adapter allows you to charge your Zune while you're away from your PC. Its small design and folding blades make it easy to store and travel with.



Technical Details

- Charge your Zune when away from PC

- More portable than original charger and easily fits into crowded power strips

- Charges your Zune to 90% in one hour and fills it up in two hours

- Collapsible prongs for portability and protection

- Compatible with Zune 4 GB, Zune 8 GB, Zune 30 GB, Zune 80 GB

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Customer Buzz


 "Works great with the Zune HD!" 2010-02-03

By piratesmvp04 (Pennsylvania, USA)

This model was designed for the 2nd generation Zunes, but it still works with the Zune HD. I've been using it with my 16GB Zune HD for a few weeks, and there are no problems. It charges it much faster than plugging into the computer, and it's a lot more convenient since I can charge it where there is an outlet. I bought this thing for $0.98, so it was a steal. Don't buy any of the generic adapters because they are cheap and could have problems. Even though this doesn't have it's own cable (which is not too much of a problem for me since I use wireless sync) , it's still a better deal and guaranteed to work with Zunes.

Customer Buzz


 "Fast Charging" 2010-02-03

By Andy Bagah

This is the best way to charge your Zune. It is faster than using your USB port on your computer and is a very efficient and space saving adapter. Highly recommended buy!

Customer Buzz


 "Pretty Nice and Good Price!!" 2010-01-21

By Caleb Modjeska (Nashville, TN, USA)

Well it's a very nice wall charger and it charges my zune hd quite quickly. For $3 i can't complain, but it would've been nice of they made the prongs to plug it in a little stiffer. They're kinda floppy so when you try to plug it in it wants to collapse on you. Besides that it's very nice.

I like that the prongs are oriented vertically so when you plug it into a plugstrip it lays crosswise and doesn't use up all the space. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable classy wall charger that charges quickly and is zune compatible.

P.S. this does not come with the usb sync cord so you will have to use the cord that is included with your zune.

Customer Buzz


 "Great Product!" 2010-01-21

By Scott P. Burghart (USA)

I received this product from Retail Killer a day before Amazon said it shipped! I opened it, and saw the retail packaging kind of "chewed" up. Everything was there, but the box was in b-stock quality. I love the product though! It frees up a USB port, and i can charge my ZUNE HD in my room! I can be syncing from anywhere in my house, not worrying about battery power. It would have been nice if this product came with another sync cable, but it was worth the $5.00 anyway. BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Customer Buzz


 "A Great Bargain for $5" 2010-01-03

By M. Dewey (WA)

A great bargain, compared to the iPod & third-party ones out there for $30 for the exact same thing. A must-have item for your Zune. Kudos to Microsoft for making something quality & affordable. Just wish they could've thrown it in the package with the Zune in the first place (dur...). I've used it with an iPod Touch & Sansa Fuze and it charges those equally as well.

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