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altec lansing inmotion speaker dock with fm radio for zune (black)


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The inMotion iM414v2 is a powerful new portable stereo system with surround effect technology. It’s sleek – your Zune will cradle beautifully in it.



Technical Details

- Portable stereo system designed for Zune HD and Zune

- Delivers smooth, bass-enriched sound

- HD Radio technology and FM radio

- Fully portable--battery or AC powered

- Backed by a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Quality Sound Performance" 2010-04-01

By Brian Tobey (P.A)

Not Sure what to expect for $85,Guess what?Love it!Great Sound Options,Flawless Connection and Remote Useage.I Love My Zune HD and was Not Happy with the Selection of after market Gagets.But this Thing Is Perfect..Thanks A.L.

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 "Good Work Dock" 2010-03-25

By A. Go

The sound quality is better thank expected. I purchased this to replace the Altec Lansing M604. I mainly use the dock in the OR. Nice features and size.

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 "New out of box--won't stay powered on!" 2010-03-18

By L. E. Eastman (USA)

The unit is plugged in, but when I hit the power button, it powers up for a few seconds and then turns off. Obviously I am very unhappy. Have contacted Altec Lansing about a replacement unit.

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 "Misses the mark on important features" 2010-03-09

By Dean! (Dallas, TX)

This Zune sound dock was an unfortunate disappointment, severely lacking in basic functionality. A sound dock of any kind should be good in sound, features and convenience. I'll break down my experiences:

The Sound


1. Volume adjusts from 1 to 30, but is barely audible under 11. In fact, 18 seems like a quiet whisper volume. Over volume 24, I could tell there was sound distortion and at 30 well, it was overpowering the speakers I thought I would break it. I'm relistening to it at volume 22 and it's not very loud and you can almost hear a static sound reproduction on a new Lady Gaga MP3. I chose various Genres of music (classical to hip hop to pop to rock) with different songs to determine the "loudness" acceptable levels.

2. Bass was a bit "poppy" sounding as if there was no real bass, I'm not expecting a subwoofer thump, but for a company who specializes in sound, I wasn't impressed. I have Altec computer speakers that sound FAR better.

The Features


1. It says it has HD Radio, but in fine print, it doesn't have HD radio, the Zune HD has HD radio and you happen to hear the sound from the Zune

2. It DOES have FM radio, which is actually a useless feature, because all Zunes (1st to 3rd generation) have FM radios

3. I was shocked to find it has no clock function at all like other sound docks do. I mean, let's think about this, you can get a simple LED clock with alarm from Walmart for a few dollars - they couldn't have at least put a clock and alarm in this so I could put this on my nightstand and wake up to my Zune music, etc ?

4. Most people's nightstands aren't all that big in size, there's no room for this sound dock, plus my current clock radio.

5. The included remote and "integrated remote-holder" works for volume but won't control the Zune! See convenience section:

The Convenience


1. This is the dumbest part of this sound dock. The included remote won't control any of the music functions of the Zune beyond Next, Previous and Pause. So let's say you've taken this to the patio and your friends complain they don't like the playlist you're on, well you have to undock the Zune, choose your playlist manually, and re-dock it. For people like me, I like diverse genres of music plus some audiobooks, so simply putting your *entire* collection on shuffle is not an option (unless you're prepared to hit "Next" after every other song). So this sound dock really scores bad on convenience.

2. Here's the next dumb part of this sound dock - it doesn't even transmit signals using the original Zune remote! So fine, maybe the included remote doesn't control the Zune, but at least allow it to use the Zune remote, nope won't work.

Summary and Areas for Improvement


1. No clock radio/alarm - this would be a huge improvement!

2. Shuffle your Entire Music Collection or nothing - the included remote nor the Zune remote won't control any music functions beyond Play/Pause or Next/Previous - that's remote control choosing of playlists or other music, etc. (Ie. Lets say you put this on the deck for a party, having a remote in your lawn chair to control different music sure would be nice, wouldn't it?)

3. Volume is barely audible under 11 on a scale of 1 to 30 and 18 is a casual whisper, yet volume 24 to 30 the sound already distorts

4. Bass is "poppy" at times

5. A sound dock needs good sound, common-sense features, and to be convenient - it severely lacks in these areas as described above.

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 "It bangs It Bangs !!!" 2010-03-05

By C. Bissonnette (Canada hey!)

Great little product, slick parctical and just what i needed.

Now all we have to test is the test of time.

Great warranty...


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