Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sony SRSTP1PK Passive Travel Speakers (Pink)

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Pink passive travel speakers are a compact design with a protective speaker lid that doubles as a speaker.

Technical Details

- Passive travel speakers
- Compact and stylish design with a protective speaker lid that doubles as a speaker
- Storable cord allows for convenient portability
- Neodymium magnets for better quality sound
- Magnetically shielded
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Customer Buzz
 "It's cute, not loud enough for classic music, good for its price." 2009-09-19
By Ricecat (California)
I know you can't expect home stereo quality from this tiny speaker, but I wish it could be at least louder than my laptop. It seems loud enough when I play audiobooks and pop music. But when I use it to play classic music, even the relativaly loud piece like four season, it just doesn't sound any louder than my laptop speaker, which is a bit disappointing.

It's definitely not for playing music when you are working around a big room. Studio maybe. I use it on my desk when I was working on my computer.

Overall, it's cute, very cute. It's the size of two compact makeup powder. For this price and the convenience of not using batteries, I'm not complaining too much.

Customer Buzz
 "Just right for me" 2009-09-14
By starlog (Orange, VA)
These are handy little speakers. They don't require any power so I can use them anywhere. They're sturdy, have decent quality sound, and offer a fair amount of volume without distortion. I'm happy with them and have no complaints.

They aren't an audiophile's dream, but they're great for the price.

Customer Buzz
 "I like it" 2009-09-07
By Mimi (AR USA)
Small enough to carry around and the sound is good enough to be heard clearly with traffic noise. Great buy for the money.

Customer Buzz
 "Who cares if they are pink!" 2009-08-12
By L. Adler (Arlington, VA USA)
I bought these speakers because I could no longer stand using a FM transmitter to listen to my ipod through my car radio. (I had to keep changing stations as I moved into different locations. This can be dangerous while driving...) This speaker is perfect for listening to my audiobooks. The sound is loud enough to hear over the noise outside of the car (windows closed of course) and during a family trip even those in the back seat listened in. I now carry the speakers around with me when I don't want to use headphones but still want to hear my stories. Great deal for such a low price.

Customer Buzz
 "Satisfactory trade off" 2009-08-04
By Wyomingite (Cheyenne)
Granted, it isn't the loudest or the lightest portable speaker out there. But, you don't have to worry about packing extra batteries when you travel. Grab your mp3 player, grab this, and you are set.

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Buy Sony SRSTP1PK Passive Travel Speakers (Pink) Now

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