Monday, April 19, 2010

15-piece accessory bundle for microsoft zune 120gb/80gb: black leather case + fm transmitter + foldable amplified speakers + black silicone skin case


Buy Cheap 15-piece Accessory Bundle for Microsoft Zune 120GB/80GB: Black Leather Case + FM Transmitter + Foldable Amplified Speakers + Black Silicone Skin Case


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BLACK Leather Case + FM Transmitter + Foldable Amplified Speakers + BLACK Slicone Skin Case + WHITE Silicone Skin Case + 2 X Armband + 2 X Neck String + Wall Charger + Car Charger + USB Sync/Data Cable + Stereo Headphone + Screen Protector + AV Cable



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- Accessory Bundle for Zune 80GB

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 "Needed" 2010-03-18

By S. Chavez

I go through the arm bands like crazy and the fact that i was able to get two was great and it gives me more options for the case covers, the speakers go anywhere. A big help for my life, still a little bit of issues with the FM transmitter but it works.

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 "Think about it twice!!" 2010-02-09

By R. Houston (Atl, GA)

The armbands were good the zune player was crap/cheaply made and sound quality was fair. the case did not fit well, i.e the button openings did not line up well, it works with effort.

they killed me with the s/h charges which made this a NO buy If i could do it again. also, delivery took a long time over a week :( .

the car player does not work well, it work like someting you got free but I am not blaming them since i am not sure if its not because of my location.

like the a/c and d/c power cords.

** If you are a new Zune buyer invest in a case with a kickstand for movie viewing, you will thank me later.

Practice peace,


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 "15 piece Accessory Bundle for 120 gb zune" 2010-02-07

By Cathy L. Johnston (Blackwell, MO)

Not all products work with the Zune. The portable speakers require a USB plug but the Zune has a different plug style. So I could not use all of the products that were packaged for the Zune. This was mis-leading

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 "Good stuff for what you pay for it" 2010-02-06

By B. Lingerfelt

For the price14.99 you cant really complain i have a 120g Zune and the 2 skins fit great, as does the screen protector....i haven't used any of the rest of it but it looks ok not the most expensive stuff though...and the fake leather looking case WILL NOT FIT 120 GB Zune All in all its good for the price

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 "Stuff for Zune" 2010-01-30

By Frank G. Dzieciolowski (Clermont, FL)

Disapointed with some of the products that came withthe kit--although, I got what I paid for. The FM transmitter worked poorly if at all(THE BAND WIDTH is extremely limited),the leather case was useable or not, I did however like the charging adapters and retractable Zune adapter wire. The clear plastic screen protector worked for my 120GB Zune and is usefull. The Silicone Skin Cases and armbands work well enough. This is one of those packages that includes lots of stuff but only some are usefull. As always, the seller acknowledged my order and shipped my items quickly.

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Buy 15-piece Accessory Bundle for Microsoft Zune 120GB/80GB: Black Leather Case + FM Transmitter + Foldable Amplified Speakers + Black Silicone Skin Case Now


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