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zune hd 16gb 32gb premium accessory kit: skin case in (black, clear, pink, blue) colours + usb car auto charger and wall home travel charger + highspeed usb retractable cable + 2xscreen protector, armband, 3.5mm earphone, rca video cable, neck string


Buy Cheap Zune HD 16GB 32GB Premium Accessory Kit: Skin Case in (Black, Clear, Pink, Blue) colours + USB Car Auto Charger and Wall Home Travel Charger + Highspeed USB Retractable Cable + 2XScreen Protector, Armband, 3.5mm earphone, RCA Video Cable, Neck String


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This is a must have for all the Zune HD Owner. The package will be great for personal use or a gift to your loved ones. The deal does not get better than this. With the fraction of the retail price, you will get Black Skin Case + Clear Skin Case + Pink Skin Case + Blue Skin Case + USB Car Auto Charger + USB Wall Home Travel Charger + Highspeed USB Retractable Cable + 2XScreen Protector + Armband + 3.5mm earphone + RCA Video Cable + Crazyondigital Neck String



Technical Details

- Compatible with Zune HD 16GB 32 GB

- Custom made to fit your Zune HD perfectly. Easy installation.

- Very thin, light weight, and durable

- Great Unique and Bright Design

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Customer Buzz


 "very good for price but had a few issues" 2010-03-28

By Christopher Gilmer

really good for the price but i found a few problems. i tried using the a/v cables but they didnt work on my tv. the neck strap is too short but i was able to make it longer. on the good side the car and house charger works great considering the zune only lasts for about 3 hours at most if your playing music the whole time so the car charger def. comes in handy. really like the screen cover cause its easier to clean then the actual screen. really like the gel skins cause ive dropped my zune twice and atleast this will keep it a little bit more safe. in conclusion, i think this is a very good for the price just a few querks thats y i didnt give it 5 stars

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 "Good deal" 2010-02-27

By Zaapiel

I was looking for an armband for my Zune that wasn't going to molest my wallet and stumbled onto this package. The three neoprene(?) cases are a nice shell to use in conjunction with the arm strap which is surprisingly comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wear it all day but for runs and other workouts it isn't cumbersome and didn't need to be adjusted every two seconds.

The array of chargers is nice since Microsoft only supplies a proprietary USB cable when you buy a Zune so if you wanted to charge it without your computer, tough noogies. They feel a bit chintzy but get the job done which is all that matters I suppose. The headphone splitter is good if you want to watch something with a friend on a train ride or something. I don't use the screen protectors because I bought the kit from Zagg that feel way better though I suppose they are passable.

The extra retractable transfer cable is nice to have around if you are like me and misplace your cables when you drag your laptop all over the house. Everything else, ie; ear buds, neck string and video cable have limited use. The video cable is short so if you don't have front TV inputs it might be a little annoying to leave your player on top of the TV. To me, if you are near a TV then you are probably near your laptop which is probably your preferred medium for viewing anyway so it's kind of a none issue but nice to have around anyway.

Overall it was a nice deal for the price and everything functions the way it should. A good alternative to the local offerings from the wallet predators.

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 "Nice Lil Package" 2010-02-12

By marcus (Alabama)

This is one of the best lil zune hd package that i found so far.

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 "Very complete package" 2010-02-04

By Sean Wormuth (Napa, CA USA)

I wanted the arm band but at Best Buy they were $29 for just the arm band and case. This kit is a much better value.

The various cases and arm band are useful for working out and I like the idea of the screen protectors, although the instructions are printed in Japanese.

I have a Zune HD, so I can't use the AV cable, but I hooked my video camera up and the cable works fine. (You have to use the RED plug for VIDEO instead of the usual yellow.) I'm not sure why they include this in a "Zune HD" accessory pack, when it's useless for the HD version (you need the AV dock to output video from Zune HDs.)

The headphone splitter is useful and the chargers make it a very complete package.

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 "3 star because..." 2010-01-30

By P. Pfeiffer (mansfield,texas)

Items received promptly. Good price, but 3 star because the wall charger does not work. Took on a planned trip only to find out it did not work. Got home and tried on another Zune and confirmed, does not work. I have e-mailed and called Crazyondigital as instructed on Amazon site. No reply as of yet.

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Buy Zune HD 16GB 32GB Premium Accessory Kit: Skin Case in (Black, Clear, Pink, Blue) colours + USB Car Auto Charger and Wall Home Travel Charger + Highspeed USB Retractable Cable + 2XScreen Protector, Armband, 3.5mm earphone, RCA Video Cable, Neck String Now


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