Monday, April 5, 2010

zune ac adapter


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Zune AC Adapter



Technical Details

- Compact AC adapter designed for Microsoft Zune media player

- Fully charges Zune even when a PC isn't available

- Charges Zune to 90 percent within 2 hours and 100 percent within 3 hours

- Ideal for traveling, visiting friends, or hanging out at home

- Plugs into any standard U.S. AC outlet; 1-year warranty

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Customer Buzz


 "Perfect" 2010-03-20

By Aida Adams (New York, USA)

I purchased this item w/ great hesitation---did not know what I was going to receive in the mail--I finally recieved it ----it was perfect !!!!!--highly recommended

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 "Excellent and inexpensive" 2010-03-12

By Nene Elizabeth Jones (Saginawesome, MI)

I read the reviews on the main page for this item and thought people were crazy for saying it was overpriced. Then I realized that most of them had paid almost $30 for it. Now though you can get it new for about $4.50 - $5.00. It is obviously very easy to use and now I don't have the hassle of having to turn on my computer whenever I need to charge my Zune. Now if only someone had a relatively inexpensive iHome unit for sale.... :)

Customer Buzz


 "Flawless" 2010-02-14

By M. Kossodo

It's a product that works absolutely great. Can't think of a single thing wrong with it. Easy to use and enjoyable overall. Although it's Zune-branded, it is a standard USB charger, so if you have any other USB-chargeable devices, you can use this too!

Customer Buzz


 "excellent" 2010-02-11

By R. LaPorte (Cheektowaga, NY USA)

works great and you can't beat the price. I think I paid more for shipping than for the actual product at the time. You can't find this cheaper anywhere else. As always, Amazon rocks!

Customer Buzz


 "Handy Acessory!" 2010-02-07

By David B. Webster (Tioga, Pa.)

This is a very versatile charger. It keeps my Zune fully charged with no issues. My son did not receive a home charger with his GPS unit (TomTom) and needed to charge his device after a long forgotten stay in the car. I suggested that he use this charger and it charged that unit as well. For the price, you can't beat this deal.

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